Saturday, February 16, 2008

Fun with Precious

Fun with Precious
So sorry I've been MIA for the last few weeks. I've been staying at my Mother's while she recovers from double pneumonia. So many of you have written to ask how my mother is doing. She is finally off her antibiotics & slowly improving each day. Thanks so much for all your kind words, calls, cards, & especially all the prayers. They have really helped perk her up! She feels very special & very loved.

Luckily I have stayed well. I missed posting on Valentine's Day, but did want to share my everyday "sweetheart" with all of you. Her name is Precious & she is my mother's little Shih Tzu. Never has there been 11 lbs. of sweeter pure love than this! Precious is my bed partner each night while I'm here.......And she is the reason I'm posting at 2am!!

We are having some big old TX sized thunderstorms rolling in right now & she is terrified of storms, so we are up & on the 'puter for a bit. Celeste, dear, I'm thinking of you & Ms. Beazy right now!! Hope you are getting more rest than we are!

Please leave a comment letting Mother know how cute her little dog is!!! She doesn't know I'm posting this pic & I think she will get a kick out of reading the comments as they come in!

Big Hugs,