Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Dressforms, Mannequins, & Mandy

Dressforms, Mannequins, & Mandy
Here are the pictures of the dressform that I promised you a few days ago. I made this for my Mother for Christmas 2004.

She was definitely a labor of love. I've never made another one even though I dream of one day having one myself. I used a patchwork design with tons of bridal gimp, pearls, Cyrus Clark pink Jessie, Laura Ashley Isabelle, & white damask fabrics.
Isn't she quite a shapely gal?
I added a beautiful vintage crocheted lace collar that my daddy's mother had made, then embellished it with some of my late mother-in-law's rhinestone jewelry. Gotta love that bling!
Bottom draping is made from a lacey white curtain.

Green satin moire' fabric for her backside.
I'm sharing a pic of my daughter on her wedding day back in November with her new sister-in-law, Nely, who was almost 1/2 way thru her pregnancy at that time. Aren't they beautiful girls?

Danny, Bree's BIL & Nely on a Miami beach
And introducing Miss Mandy!!!!

Isn't she just the most beautiful little doll?!?!
Don't forget tomorrow is play-day, courtesy of Scrappy Jessi. Go to her blog here to see what it is all about. I'm looking forward to sharing my childhood toys with you tomorrow!

See ya then!!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

My Passion for Dressforms!

My Passion for Dressforms!
I've got a new passion ~ dressforms! It all started several years ago when my dear daddy found me ~ 2 ~ at a yard sale! One I used to display jewelry on when I was doing my craft shows, the other I saved for my wedding gown.
Then I found this spiffy little black velvet number, to which I later added a black velvet beaded evening bag.
She even has her very own dainty little necklace.

These two both came from Ross's last year.
Even the backs of these are so elegant.
I also have a passion for pretty little mini dresses & gowns like this one in the above picture that I added a little rhinestone bling to!
Two more that I love, one on a hanger & the other that seems to go so well against the Laura Ashley Isabelle fabric that we lined our armoire in.

A pretty little ballgown that I purchased recently. Her left scrolly arm was broken so she was marked down. I intend to repair her......eventually.
Another of my favorites, an elegant ecru dressform & a porcelain dressform hinged box.Just as pretty from the back!
I was very fortunate to get a beautiful new blog banner here from a great blogger named Polly at Counting Your Blessings. She was my inspiration for my post on dressforms tonight. Her photography is beautiful. Free banners for blogs ~ such a sweet & generous thing for you to do! Thanks so much for your kindness, especially for those of us that are computer-challenged! You simply must check out both her sites! She has some wonderful things!!

Polly also has a wonderful idea about giving & receiving, so please do visit all her sites!! You will be so uplifted & surprised!!!

Next time I'll post pictures of the dressform I made & decorated for my mother for Christmas 2004!


Friday, April 25, 2008

Book Challenge ~ Page 123

~ ~ Book Challenge on Page 123 ~ ~

Last week my sweet PRH Sister Shirl (don't you sound like a nun, Shirl?!?!) over at Shirl's Rose Cottage tagged me for a book challenge. The idea is to find a book you enjoy or are currently reading with at least 123 pages. Turn to page 123 and read the first 5 sentences, then post the next 3 sentences on your blog, and go on to tag 5 more people to take the challenge. I think lots of people have already been tagged, so I won't do that part, but it is fun to play along & see what is on that page of a particular book.

Well, I spent most of last week busily doing other things, & didn't think about the book challenge again til last night as I was going thru a book of poetry called SOMEBODY LOVES YOU by Helen Steiner Rice. I was searching for an appropriate poem to add to a card for a 50th Wedding Anniversary party that I am attending tomorrow, & came across the following poem on page 123. I just love it. Although I'm not quite to the autumn years of my life yet, this poem is so sweet & comforting, & it really lets us know that it is okay to slow down, take life easier, put the important things FIRST, & know that all will still be right with the world. Perfect advice for any age & stage of life that one may be in........

The Golden Years of Life

God in His loving & all-wise way
Makes the heart that once was young and gay
Serene & more gentle & less restless, too,
Content to remember the joys it once knew. . .
And all that we sought on "the pathway of pleasure"
Becomes but a memory to cherish & treasure -
The fast pace grows slower & the spirit serene,
And our souls can envision what our eyes have not seen. . .
And so while "Life's Springtime"is sweet to recall,
The "Autumn of Life" is the Best Time of all,
For our wild, youthful yearnings all gradually cease
And God fills our days with Beauty & Peace!

- - - Helen Steiner Rice

Isn't love grand?!?! Please take time to enjoy each moment life has to offer.

Big Hugs,

Friday, April 18, 2008

My 1st Blogiversary!!!

My 1st Blogiversary!!!^ ~ ^ Beautiful cake my daughter made ^ ~ ^

And YOU are invited!!!! 'Cause without YOU this wouldn't have been such a BLAST this past year!!!!! I just LOVE all my blogging girlfriends!!!
Time to Celebrate!!!
Grab a Princess plate . . . .
And have a slice of cake!!!! or something equally decadent, preferably chocolate!!
I love this blogging community so much. Many special friendships have been made this past year & I look forward to another fun-filled year & many new friends!

Little known fact about me.....I always had the biggest crush on Cory of Three Dog Night. Saw them in concert twice. The first time The Who (who weren't well known at the time) opened for them. We really got our money's worth that night!

Now on to my secret giveaway..........

And the winner is........

Laurie of Charming Designs

Yippee!! I'm jumping for joy!!! Laurie, please email me your mailing address & I'll get your package off in the mail to you! And by the way, Laurie, DON'T look at my next post unless you want to see what you are getting!!!!

Thanks so much for all the sweet comments that you girls always leave!!

Big Hugs,

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Venetian Glass Tri-Fold Vanity Mirror

Venetian Glass Tri-Fold Vanity Mirror

** Remember my 1 yr. Blogiversary is coming up Thursday ( TOMORROW! ). Be sure to leave a comment for a chance to win a few surprise goodies from me. Winner will be announced late Thursday evening!**
I have absolutely fallen in love with Venetian Glass Mirrors! The above picture is one that I currently have on auction here right now in my store, ANGELIC ACCENTS on eBay.

I was thumbing through the February 2008 issue of HARPER'S BAZAAR (the one with Jennifer Lopez on the cover) & on page 220, I found the following pics of a tri-fold almost exactly like mine.

Wouldn't you just love to have this dressing room to get ready in?!?! I believe I could face anything the day had to throw at me if I started the morning out in this decadent room. Very reminiscent of the 1930's & 40's ART DECO styling with all the gorgeous mirrored furniture pieces!

Maybe I'm just living in the wrong era. . . .

Snapped these pics the other day while I was visiting my mother. She has become as big a fan of my dear friend, Celeste of La Rea Rose, as I am. Celeste painted the above pink oval tray & adorable little pink egg for her.

This antique marble-topped washstand is one of my favorite pieces of Mom's. It sits in her entry hall. My daddy made the beautiful cherub lamp from vintage parts, and then painted the mirrored plateau it sits on.

Another of Celeste's beautiful trays on the sideboard. Note the precious cherub holding the glass coasters. Hmmm, that might just be small enough for me to slide into a pocket. Think Mother would notice me wearing a heavy overcoat into the house in steamy April???

Tomorrow is my 1 yr. anniversary, so I'll post again tomorrow evening very late when I draw the winner of my surprise giveaway!


Monday, April 14, 2008

Star Light, Star Bright, First Star I See Tonight

Star Light, Star Bright, First Star I See Tonight

** Remember my 1 yr. Blogiversary is coming up Thursday. Be sure to leave a comment for a chance to win a few goodies from me. Winner will be announced Thursday evening!**

Do you ever wish upon a star when you want something REALLY REALLY bad? I have been known to do this on more than one ocassion.

As most of you know, I have a passion for vintage leaded glass windows & antique mirrors, which I also sell here on eBay. I honestly believe I practice great restraint in letting MOST of them go. (DH would say otherwise!) You know, one must eat, pay taxes, etc., & I always tell myself they are going to great new homes, but still.......
The above leaded glass window is one that I could NOT resist. We purchased several from the same residence, so I kept one that was not in as pristene condition, or so I told DH.

Well, now I am having a mighty strong hankering (a deep South term) for an antique leaded glass DOOR for our master bedroom. Never mind that we have a newer house, & DH says it won't fit, won't look right, will be too much work, yada yada yada. So as I type this he has gone to look at several doors that we found to take measurements again, & see if he can get the price within our range! Took the camera with him, so I'm sitting here fidgeting & decided that I would show you some of the ones that got away.....

The following are some I let go. Try humming or if you can sing like Julio Iglesias, "To All the Windows I've Loved Before"

Oh, how I pined for this one......
And this one, too

v Should have kept these, too! v

Now after giving up all the above items, don't you think I deserve something like this? No, I don't even want one nearly this fancy. In fact the one I'm hoping for is mainly clear leaded glass with just a bit of glass color. And I told DH I don't care what color the door is because I'll be painting it white & roughing it up a bit any ways.So, dear girlfriends, keep your fingers crossed for me. Maybe I'll have good news to report back soon. Meanwhile, I'm off to find a shooting star to wish upon!