Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Blog Awards & Tagged Again!

Blog Awards & Tagged Again!
Just when I'm convinced that there is nothing new under the sun that I can (safely) tell you about myself, I get tagged again! Shirl of Shirl's Rose Cottage has tagged me in a fun "Get to Know You Better" tag to tell 6 unimportant things about myself. Hmmmm, this is one I can handle pretty easily, unimportant, huh?

Here are the rules~~~~~~
1. Link this back to the person that tagged you.
2. Post these rules in your blog.
3. Share 6 unimportant things about yourself.
4. Tag people at the end of your entry.
So here are six unimportant things about me~~~~~

1. I only drink CHOCOLATE milk ~ can't stand white milk.
2. If I start a project, I'll stay up til all hours to finish it.
3. I hate my sewing machine, but love sewing & adorning things by hand, especially cross-stitch.
4. I have an extremely difficult time making decisions, well not difficult, yeah, kinda difficult, I mean if there are too many choices I can kinda second guess myself, well, I LIKE options, but not too many, see what I mean?
5. I make lists for EVERY THING!
6. And speaking of lists, I always have a to-do list for the day, & I've learned that in order to make myself feel better & work faster & harder, to put a few "easy" things on it each day, so that when I cross them off I have a better sense of accomplishment.

Now, I tag.....Lori, Connie, Beverly, & Vickie!

I was awarded this Brillante Weblog Premio 2008 not once but twice from Shirl at Shirl's Rose Cottage & Brittany at Adeline's Shabby Cottage. I am so very honored to get this award and thank you both!!

The rules are~~~~~~

1. Display logo and link to who gave it to you.
2. Nominate at least 7 blogs
3. Add links to those 7 blogs
4. Leave the Nominees a message that they reaceived the award.
I'm passing this on to these blogs that I find so inspiring and a joy to visit~~~~~~

Vickie of Visuals by Vickie
Vicki of All Bliss Be Thine
Connie of Living Beautifully
Ele of A Bit of Pink Heaven
Lorena of Rose Chic Friends
Mary of Isabella's Closet
Nikki of The Scarlett Rose Garden

Whew, now that is 2 things crossed off my to-do list ~ I feel better already!!


Saturday, July 26, 2008


Welcome to another fun PINK Saturday post! Another of my favorite antique mirrors with my daring darling siren in pink ~ my Art Deco lady!

Some of my favorite vintage-look fabric ~ I'm just loving how pretty blues & pinks look together!

My pink ceramic purse

A gorgeous lavender sachet that my dear sweetheart of a friend & PRH sister Bertie of Aunt May's Cottage made & gifted me with.

A new little vintage parasol girl in pink & white that I just purchased.

My favorite PINK lamp just dripping in u-drop prisms!

Now, I'm off to visit all the other PINK Saturday posts! Thanks to Beverly at How Sweet the Sound for always hostessing this fun day for us all! Click here to visit the other participants today!


Friday, July 25, 2008

Friday Flea Market again!!

Friday Flea Market again!!

Another week has gone by & it is once again time for FFM!! I'm showing you something below that I found on one of my shopping excursions recently. I'm just so in love with Southern Belles! Don't think I'll be listing this one on my selling blog, but please stop by here at Angelic Accents a la Carte to see more fabulous finds this week!

To find more FFM participants, go to my selling blog for the link to them all!


Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Summer Love

Summer Love
I've always loved summer, although as I age, not so much summer sun!! I've changed my music to reflect on summer love, & below are some of my all time favorite summer themed movies. Not a new one in the bunch! I love the old movies that I can safely enjoy with my granddaughter.

Annette Funicello & Frankie Avalon were my favorites as a little girl back in the mid 60's. I just adored Annette, still do! I don't think she is in very good health now, as I believe she has MS. But the last time I saw her on tv, she was still such a beauty & so seems to be such a true American sweetheart.

We actually walked along side Frankie Avalon & his bodyguard at Disneyland back in the mid 80's. He was there to do a concert. And yes, he was wearing all white & had a fantastic "George Hamilton" tan!!

Grease was such a fun movie, after all, who wouldn't love a movie that had "PINKETTES" in it, right Lori?!?! Great songs that I know every word to. I taught both daughter & granddaughter how to Hand Jive with this movie!

Sandra Dee & Troy Donahue just melt my heart!
I'm almost embarassed to tell you that my granddaughter made me watch Gidget Goes Hawaiian with her last summer at least 10 times!! I know every word by heart now! But then, I was the one that convinced her to sit through it with me in the first place!
Think I'll go see what is on Turner Classics, maybe a good ol' summer time movie.....

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Happy PINK Saturday!!

Happy PINK Saturday!!
Happy PINK Saturday!! To start us off today, I'm sharing one of my favorite antique Art Deco mirrors surrounded with my favorite PINK flowers.

A favorite cup & saucer set, in PINK roses, of course!

My favorite pressed back rocker, full of my favorite quilted pillows with silk ribbon embroidered PINK & Lavender roses. I sold the pretty little floor lamp in a moment of weakness.

I have this PINK roses doily on my Friday Flea Market selling blog here at Angelic Accents a la Carte. Never fear, I saved its twin for myself!

My grandpuppy's little RA Shabby Chic Doggy Dress is pretty in pink, too. It is the wrong size for her little pudginess, so it is also for sale this week here.

Now I am off to visit our sweet hostess Beverly of How Sweet the Sound to see her pinkness today & to visit all the other participants!


Friday, July 18, 2008


Welcome to another FRIDAY FLEA MARKET!! I have a new selling blog here called Angelic Accents a la Carte, so please stop by & check it out ~ today ~ or whenever you have a few extra minutes. You never know what you might find!

This little lovely is one of the many items being offered here today.....

I'm off to shop other Friday Flea Market participants myself!! See you tomorrow for PINK Saturday!


Saturday, July 12, 2008

Pink Saturday!

Pink Saturday!
My sweet daughter made me the above banner. She constantly amazes me with her ability to do almost anything I ask of her on the computer. Needless to say, she takes after her daddy, not me!


Now, on to share some of the pinkness . . . . . . .

My very favorite vintage covered casserole. I love the rose swags on it. Feel free to click on the pictures to enlarge & see the details. It sits atop a pink mirrored plateau in my bedroom. Yes, a covered casserole is used to stash stuff in my bedroom! I do like the unexpected!!

A quick walk thru my bathroom found these pink q-tips & a small Limoges style hinged box in the shape of a dressform!

DH surprised me with this lovely Marie Antoinette framed piece. He didn't even know it was her, he just bought it for the cherubs on it. Asked me if I might want it......duh, YEAH!!!! It proudly hangs just as you enter our bedroom. It appears to be quite old, looks like the design is screened onto silk fabric. If anyone ~ yoo hoo, Bertie ~ knows anything about this type item, please let me know. And no, Vic, I'm not going to sell this one!!

Amy from Bunny Rose Cottage gifted me with some wonderful pink bling for Valentine's Day. I have it all gathered along with some pink & floral wash towels on the side of my tub. They make me smile each time I look at them!!

Now, I'm off to visit my other PINK friends. Special thanks to Beverly of How Sweet the Sound for always hosting this fun event ~ click HERE for more pinkness!

PINK Hugs,

Friday, July 11, 2008


Time for another FRIDAY FLEA MARKET!! Below is just one of the new items I added to my selling blog today. Go to my ANGELIC ACCENTS A LA CARTE selling blog to see more great items & to get the link to other participants for this week!


Tuesday, July 8, 2008

July 8th ~ Bridal Tea Party

July 8th ~ Bridal Tea Party

A dear blogger, Jan of Jan & Tom's Place is hostessing a blogging tea party today! Please visit her blog here for a complete list of all participants. I have decided to post pictures again of the bridal tea party for my daughter last September, as I got some exciting news & will be away today & can not post my original pictures due to time constraints.

You are cordially invited to a


Please join me HERE for more pictures & the complete write-up!

I'll be making the rounds to all the other tea parties later this evening when I return home! Til then,

Big Hugs,

Monday, July 7, 2008

Totes & Toile Chair Re-do

Totes & Toile Chair Re-do
Gals, I have found some of the most gorgeous market totes ever on this etsy site here called Sew Gracious! AND she is having a give away (ends the 10th), so run to her blog, sign up for a wonderful free tote, & tell her Steph sent ya!! I just love these!! Especially the chocolate brown & pink damask one!! Imagine that!!

I didn't make a post in time for the 4th, but here is a little pillow I cross-stitched for the occasion ~ I love LOVE decorating with the red, white & blue!

Now, if you are the sort who shudders at re-painting antiques, ruining their resale value, shabbying up stuff, you are hereby warned NOT to continue.........I'll have you shaking in your boots.

On the other hand, if Rachel is your best friend, the people at Home Depot know you by name in the white paint section, & you love pink, green, & toile, chippy white, & ruffles.......forge ahead........

DH & I found 3 of the most awesome barley twist oak (yes, OAK) dining chairs. But I just couldn't abide with the dark finish. And the crumbly fabric & stuffed cushions were falling apart, so imagine my surprise when DH said yes, we could get them & YES!!! I could re-paint them WHITE!!!!!!

This was just the primer, but you can already see what a difference it is making & how it helps bring out the beautiful detailing!
Here is the finished product after .....a) a trip to JoAnn's Fabric Store b) locating WHICH closet my seldom used sewing machine was in & c) another trip back to JoAnn's for MORE fabric......

I used Waverly's Rustic Country Life toile in a lt green / reddish pink pattern, & coupled it with a green/white/pink small cabana stripe discontinued fabric for a little bit of unexpected fun.
Still need to do some paint touch-ups from where the molding was added to the chair backs, & STILL have 3 more kitchen chairs to re-do that I will mix & match with these, but for a girl who doesn't really sew, I feel very proud that I got this accomplished (AND that DH didn't staple my foot to the floor while helping me attach the ruffles!)

Next on the to-do list is to re-paint the kitchen table white. I'll show more pics when it is all finished.