Tuesday, July 31, 2007

A Day Off
Everyone needs a day off every once in a while to re-charge, re-think, or just plain relax. Today was one of those days for me. So I grabbed my favorite partner in crime, my mother, & we did three of the things we do best....1) ate out 2)shopped 3) giggled a lot!

Since I hadn't posted here in almost a week, I made a few pics for you.
Thought I'd share with you one of my favorite smaller mirrors today. This one hangs in our dining room. It came already "shabbied up" with years of vintage age to it, but I love it that way. It is cream with gilded highlights. I love the contrast of it against the red wall. The tabletop chandelier is one that I salvaged, painted & added bobeches & prisms to. It used to be black, with black candle sleeves & a black marble base. I love the double pair of sweet cherubs.I recently found a beautiful extra large damask dinner napkin with an S monogramed on it, so of course I had to have it. Thought it might look nice as a table topper in the dining room.

In a moment of weakness, I listed this antique mirror & sold it last week. Now I'm having regrets, as it would have looked awesome hung in my bathroom to reflect my new chandelier over the tub. I'm sure I'll never find another as gorgeous as this one. What was I thinking?!?!

As mentioned earlier, my mother & I went out to lunch together today, then antiquing in a few of our downtown shops. Got these adorable little angels. Not quite sure how I will use them yet, but they needed to come home with me!

Also found this pretty ROSES vase that I just couldn't pass up. I may list it in my store.

Mother & I had such fun together today. I left lots of stuff undone around here, but I treasure the times we have together so much. And the dust, housework & blogging will be here tomorrow, too, right? Hope everyone had as fun a day as we did!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

My Sheffield Classic #501 China Pattern
Several of you have been so sweet to write & ask me for a closeup of my china pattern, so here it is. I've got a service for twelve, but am still looking for a few of the extra pieces & especially want to find 8 more of the little demitasse cups & saucers. It has a very soft muted ROSES pattern in pink & white with pale sage & grey shades on the leaves, & the pieces are rimmed in platinum. Hope we get lucky & find some!!

Below is a picture of my newest "old" addition to our master bath. A vintage crystal chandelier from Europe. I finally talked hubby into wiring it & hanging it over the tub in our bathroom. I need to replace the large crystal ball that is supposed to hang at the very bottom tip, & add 2 more small pointed prisms. Now this is calling for a re-do of the bathroom! Inching closer & closer to my "ideal" room!

This beauty hangs in my SIL's home. Isn't it spectacular?


Tuesday, July 24, 2007

I Love Shadow Box Mirrors
And Please Help Me Find My China!

Don't you just love old mirrored shadow boxes, the kind like from the 60's? They just hold so much stuff!! I sell mirrors all the time on eBay & came across one that I intended to sell, but after cleaning it up, I decided it just had to stay with me. Hubby put up a fight, using arguments like, "It's so big, we don't have a place for it, it doesn't match, we need to sell something this week so we can afford groceries & gasoline, yada yada yada". But I knew after I painted it that I just couldn't let it go. Gee, it had gorgeous ROSES on it that just needed painting to bring out their glory!!! So I tucked it away in the corner of the garage to save for when I could find a place for it. Or did I hide it there from hubby? Oh well, I digress.......

Daughter & granddaughter will soon be moving out, so I plan to re-do daughter's bedroom, & ta dah ~ this will be hung on the wall! Instant decoration!! I've filled it with some of my favorite pieces & am already enjoying it.

I had to post a closeup pic of the detailing on the roses. The frame had been an ugly terra cotta color, just needed shabbying up a bit to fit into our home! I added lots of rose themed items, like the roses votive holder, the little blue pin money purse, some of my hinged boxes that have roses on them, & my little demitasse cup & saucer that matches our wedding china. I've been looking like crazy for more of these ~ the pattern is called "Classic" (I think) by Sheffield. Back of plates have the Sheffield logo & a fleur de lis design, says Fine China Japan Classic 501. If you ever see some of these, please snatch them & let me know. I would love to finish my set ~ only have 4, need 8 more. My in-laws owned a small Affiliated grocery store at the time, & gave us a full set of the "grocery store" giveaway china when we got engaged. You know, Buy $25 of groceries & get the featured item of the week for only $1.00! Something like that. These were available at Affiliated Stores back in 1973-74. Boy, am I showing my age now or what?

Anyway, it was a very special & thoughtful gift & I simply adore using it & decorating with it. So please help me find more of the matching demitasse cups & saucers!!



Sunday, July 22, 2007

~ Beth, Mail Art, & A New Addiction ~
Looky what I just received in the mail from my friend Beth at Gathering Dust!! She just did a Mail Art Challenge & made up some very unique envelopes to send out to a few lucky ducks like ME!!! Check out her blog on beginner mail art & you will see more of her fun creations.

Got this really pretty envelope in the mail from her ~ I've never seen so much time & thought put into an envelope! And, yes, Beth, the envelope made it here in perfect condition, too!! I bet the mailman got as much of a kick out of seeing it as I did!! Even my DH was impressed, so Beth, you did good!!

Pretty layers of aged looking paper strips down the left hand side with cute happy florals everywhere! Who wouldn't be happy getting a sweet envelope like this? I just sat there & looked at if for a while & let the anticipation build for what might be inside ~ and boy, I wasn't disappointed!

I had mentioned to Beth (she being the ultimate collage / scrapbook artist) that I needed some easy do-able ideas for a pumpkin swap I'm doing for another group I'm in. Bless her sweet heart, she sent me tons of papers, tags, adorable baby rickrack trim, all in fall colors!! I'm set to start off in the world of altered art now!! I've got orange papers, vintage look Halloween designs, rose art in a heavenly fall hue, even a finished tag to inspire me!!!! Now, surely with all these sublime products (notice the subtle word "Success" on the top left?), I'll be able to come up with something super-neat......and all the credit will go to my mentor, BETH!!!!

Thanks sweet BETH, you are a doll!! Ahhhh, I feel a new addiction coming on........


Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Surprises in the Mail!

I just love it when the postman delivers me a package that I wasn't even expecting to receive! And that is exactly what happened recently! My dear friend Bertie at Aunt May's Cottage knows how much I adore GONE WITH THE WIND items, so look what she sent me!!!

2 gorgeous Bradford Exchange GWTW Collectors Plates from the Costuming of a Legend: Dressing Gone with the Wind!! And generous Miss Bertie wasn't about to forget my daughter who is getting married in November ~ she also tucked in the neatest book called Bride's Little Book of Cakes and Toasts by the editors of Brides Magazine!

I think they look great with my little GWTW ornament figurines wearing the same costumes!

The amazing Walter Plunkett was the costume designer for the movie & his sketches are inset in small cameo ovals on each 22K gold rimmed plate.

The first one "The Green Sprigged Dress" is of Scarlett O'Hara in her barbeque dress that she wore to Twelve Oaks. I've placed my small Franklin Mint figurine & my Hallmark ornament beside this plate.

Next is "The Red Dress" that Scarlett wore to Ashley's birthday party. Wasn't she a vixen in this one? Vivien Leigh was a real beauty. I've placed my Dave Grossman figurine & another Hallmark ornament next to this plate.

Bertie is a true blue friend & has a wonderful new blog called Aunt May's Cottage & a fantastic website, too, so please go visit her & tell her hello! She offers the most incredible items for your romantic home & has very interesting information on the Victorian era. I can attest to her superb craftsmanship in all she makes!

I've gotten many items from her that will be incorporated into my daughter's wedding, so a little closer to the wedding date, I'll post pictures of those!

And yes, Lori, very soon I'll be posting pics of the rest of my GONE WITH THE WIND collection!


Saturday, July 14, 2007

Calgon.....Take Me Away!!!!
We have been busy all day long doing craft projects, trying to get ready for daughter's wedding, & I'm so tired that this phrase is the first thing that comes to mind......Calgon, take me away!!

What better reason do I need to show you a picture of my dream bathroom.......maybe someday I'll show you mine, but til then these pics will have to do!
I'm off to run a hot relaxing bath! Will light a bunch of candles, turn on some music ~ I'm in the mood for Slip Away with Me......who sings that?

Monday, July 9, 2007

~ Pink & White Eye Candy ~

After my Red White & Blue posts, I decided it was time to get back to my basics ~ some of my favorite pink & white eye candy for you!

I love this miniature chocolate server. It reminds me of the old salesman samples of small furniture they used to carry around door-to-door trying to get you to place an order for a full-sized version! I have it filled with my pink hand vase, a pink pin money purse, & I loaded the top with an eyelet hanky, a ROSES demitasse cup & saucer, & a sherbert glass full of pink strawberry sachets with lots of lace & sequins & pearls on them!

I just love using antique mirrors in unusual ways ~ they are so perfect for use as plateau mirrors for tablescapes. I sell antique & Venetian Glass mirrors all the time on eBay (check out my auctions on eBay under the seller name AngelicAccents), & am lucky to be able to stash a few away for myself!! Below I have used a pretty shaped one with one of my cut glass cherub compotes filled with my pal & PRH sister, Jen's handpainted Roses Christmas ornaments. I leave these out year-round! Visit her at her blog jennifer's petal palace.

I love using the ROSES covered casserole in an unexpected place ~ not the dining room, but in our bedroom. If you lifted the lid, you'd find my stash of old prisms, just waiting to be added to my next chandelier!

The handpainted ROSES plate was a steal at an estate sale ~ only $5.00!! I just love its scalloped gold rim.And this next pic is for my friend & PRH sister, Amy at bunnyrosecottage, who shares my love of bunnies. I love cloches & this one keeps some of my favorite little bunnies dust-free!

Hope you are all having a wonderful summer. We have actually had sunshine today!! Yippee!!!


Thursday, July 5, 2007

My Patriotic Gameroom

Got way too busy cooking, eating, visiting, eating, watching fireworks on tv (how sad ~ but our local fireworks show was cancelled due to all the rain & flooding we are having), to post last night before bedtime, so here are the pictures of my gameroom walls that I promised. These decorations stay out all year round, as my colors in this room are red, white & blue.

This old window frame was sitting in a dumpster behind my husband's business, so he rescued it for me. I had a mirror placed behind it where the panes of glass were originally & just love it in all its chippy glory.
I found this flag canoe a couple of years ago at either Michael's or Hobby Lobby, can't remember which. The flag box is actually a miniature Lane's cedar chest.We have an inset at the edge of our gameroom ceiling, so I decorate it in Americana items. Flags, stars, & even a few of my Coke memorabilia.
~ More flags & cross-stitch ~

~ Stars and a Reverse Ink on Glass Picture I did of a Barn and Windmill ~
~ A favorite Patriotic piece ~
Since most of my pics today have been more chippy, weathered, and primitive, I decided I should leave you with a little of my favorite "bling"! These are some pretty red white and blue brooches, & my Dorothy Bauer Flag pin.
Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday!

If any of you girls have any interest or collections of GONE WITH THE WIND memorabilia, let me know. I'm getting ready to share some of my GWTW items with you & would love for others to join in, too! I thought we would do it kind of like we did "Wedding Week" & each post a few of our favorites.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

My Salute To Patriotic Colors!

As we get ready to celebrate the 4th, I thought I'd share a few pics of my decorations.

~My Stairway~
~Den Mantle~
~Top of my Jelly Cupboard~
Don't you just love the LEGO block Flag my granddaughter made?
~My special catch-all box with appliques that my daddy made for me~
I change it periodically for the different seasons & holidays.
~Den Coffee Table~
Didn't realize Sissy, my little Jack Russell Terrier was going to be in the pic!

~Sissy, who owns me heart & soul~

Tomorrow she will be wearing her red, white & blue bandana! She's quite a firecracker herself!

~Some of my favorite Dorothy Bauer jewelry~

I sold several of these on eBay. Wish I had kept the firecracker pair of earrings! :0(

~Decoration in our back yard~

Antique Cast Iron Garden Edging & Tin Lone Star
Tomorrow I'll finish up by posting a few more pics of my red, white, & blue gameroom decorations that stay out year-round. If you are traveling tomorrow, buckle up & stay safe!


Monday, July 2, 2007

Hurrah for the Red White & Blue!!

I'm a huge fan of red, white, & blue ~ have used it for my color scheme in our gameroom, also use red in my dining room, but since my digital camera is being finicky today (couldn't be MY fault, could it?) decided I'd post a few of my fav pics from the HGTV website. They always have great decorating ideas, & this holiday is no exception.

I love glitter glass!
The picture below is from a great episode of HGTV's ROOM BY ROOM. Sherry & Matt re-decorated a young boy's room with a nautical theme, then decided to go patriotic, too, & made an easy & unique flag headboard.

~ Patriotic Floral Arrangement ~ Wish I knew how to quilt!
~ Sparkly Pillows ~
~ A clever Uncle Sam made from paper towel tubing ~I hope to get my camera going again soon so that I can show you some of my little patriotic goodies. Hope everyone is getting ready for a safe & happy 4th!