Saturday, June 30, 2007


I have been having trouble staying on the computer long enough to post anything this week due to all the rains we've been experiencing. Lots of horrid storms & lightening & flooding. But every cloud has a silver lining, & I've found mine.......been doing a lot of reading since I've not been on the 'puter so much. The new issue of ROMANTIC COUNTRY magazine is absolutely incredible!! I've read & re-read it. It has beautiful pictures, great short articles, & wonderful decorating ideas!

Run, don't walk, to your nearest magazine stand & pick up a copy!! You'll love it, too!!


Monday, June 25, 2007

Pin Money Purses and More Lamps

As mentioned a few days ago, I do have a passion for lamps. Thought I'd share a few more favs with you today, plus a few of my pin money purses. My grandmother always used to say she had saved back "a little pin money", meaning she had a very small amount of money she had squirelled away for "fun / frivolous" items. Then I read a wonderful article in one of my favorite magazines, ROMANTIC HOMES, about a lady that collected pin money purses & the origin of them, so I started a small collection. They make me smile & always remind me of my sweet granny.

The above pic is of a darling cherub lamp that I refinished & decorated with for a while, then ending up selling to a sweet lady for use in her child's nursery. It had the most adorable little cream ruffled eyelet shade. Beside it is my cream pin money purse & a few of my small perfume bottles.

Next is a really neat retro PINK SWAN TV Lamp that I sold on eBay last year. Isn't it just too cool? To the right is another of my little cherub lamps that I outfitted with a pearl drop shade. To the left is another pin money purse, PINK of course!

This is one of my all-time favorite floor lamps that I just sold on eBay in a true moment of weakness. It is a cherub chandelier lamp, too ~ anyone notice a common theme running here?!? It has a beautiful nightlight base & just drips with prisms & a handmade rose that I attached at the cherub's little foot. I'll miss it, but it went to a super home in LA. Another little pink purse lurks in the background. The awesome Art Deco mirror with reverse bevels & convex bull's eyes was an anniversary present from hubby a couple of years ago.

My last picture shows another little pink pin money purse & one of my new favs to collect, a Lefton china hand vase. I have lined the back of my armoire with Laura Ashley Isabelle fabric & love the soft pinks & stripes.

Hopefully in the next few days I can find the time to snap a few more pictures of some more of my favorite lamps for you. Thanks for stopping by!

Friday, June 22, 2007

Hello, my name is Stephanie......I AM a LAMP-A-HOLIC
Okay guys, my problem is out in the open! I really do need to enter some sort of 12 Step program for ....... Lamp-a-holics!! At least that is what my hubby says!

I plan on showing a few of my favorites here from time to time, & after much thought this one has to be my very favorite lamp. Partly just because it has everything I love on it ~ cherubs (remember my user id is angelicaccents), prisms, is PINK, has tiny roses, & is shabby white, vintage, very romantic. Has what I call all the "WoW" factors. Then partly because it was one of my very first major purchases on eBay from a very sweet seller. It has moved around several different places in my bedroom, and I have difficulty getting pics to turn out very well with a lighted lamp, so I've got mainly pics of it "off", but it is sooooo soft & beautiful at night.



Sunday, June 17, 2007

~ In Memory of My Daddy ~
This is a hard post for me ~ I recently lost my dear daddy. It has only been 3 1/2 months. Everyone tells me the "first" Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, & birthday are hard, but I do believe Daddy's birthday & Father's Day will always be the hardest.

He was the kindest, most gentle man you could ever hope to meet. He would do anything for anyone, even a stranger. He was a true Southern Gentleman. He was also a very gifted woodworker, a hobby he enjoyed until the last few months of his life when his cancer made it impossible for him to "putter" about in the garage making things.

The above collage of pictures was my Father's Day gift to him in 2003. It is full of my favorite pictures of us together (click on it to enlarge) ~ riding horses, building snowmen, looking at his "old car", kissing goodnight, Easter, him smiling at me in my polka dot swimsuit, & a really funny one with us just getting ready for breakfast. Daddy was always so proud of his "perfect" hair, never a hair out of place, & this pic shows us both with "Morning Hair", bad at that!!!

He was always spoiling me & Mother. All we had to do was "hint" that we liked something or needed something made, & he would be in the garage making it before bedtime!! It wasn't unusual for him to be up til 2am getting something just right for us. And he loved it when we oohed & aahed over what he made. He was truly gifted.

Below is a beautiful frame with carved corner insets that he made for a Paul de Longpre print that hangs over our bed.

I had surgery back in the late 80's & became a cross-stitch fiend during my recovery, so Daddy made both me & my mother clocks for our kitchens. I provided the "face" of the clocks, & he did the rest. My little granddaughter added the "school elert (alert)" in chalk recently.

He also made both of us this little spice cabinet. He said he would never make another one of these as he didn't like carving out drawers to fit. I love it.

He made the weathered wood column for my birdhouse one year for Valentine's Day. Just showed up & surprised me with it. I was so blessed to have my parents living close by ~ only about 5 minutes away.

I can only hope that there are plenty more good, - no - great men out there like my Daddy. The world would be a better place & today's children would be much happier. A loving dad that is always there for you makes all the difference in the world.



Friday, June 15, 2007

Our 33rd Wedding Anniversary

Yesterday was our 33rd wedding anniversary & DH gave me this precious little card with glittery pink roses on it. Does he know me well or what? On the inside the verse says, "Another Year of being Cute Together! Happy Anniversary!"
Also got these gorgeous red roses with tiny fairy dust glitter on the baby's breath. I may not have a garden, but I have some beautiful flowers, too, now!
We had a wonderful Italian dinner at our favorite restaurant, Mamma Emilia's, complete with yummy raspberry cheesecake. Now I need to jog around the block!


Saturday, June 9, 2007

Happily Ever After
Wedding Week 2007

Thought I would end this fun week of wedding hoopla with a tribute to my dear parents who celebrated 53 wonderful years of wedded bliss together. Really they had even more years together than that, as they were true high school sweethearts. Mother says she actually "claimed" Daddy in the 8th grade. She & her friend both had boyfriends, but Mother wanted to "trade" hers for Daddy & her friend was agreeable, so they swapped pictures of their boyfriends & the rest is history. I think Daddy really got a good deal ~ Mother is a true gem! Isn't that just too cute a story?

These are pictures of them at their 50th Wedding Anniversary Party in January 2004. We had the party at a wonderful old home built in the 1800's that is in the historic district of our town. It is called The Surrey House, thus the Surrey Carriage out front. It was a beautiful sunny day, full of friends, laughter, memories & love.

The display table in the ballroom was the hit of the party ~ full of vintage pictures of my parents from childhood, graduation, & early years of marriage, right up to & including pictures of my husband & myself, their parents, siblings, their granddaughter & great-granddaughter & their pets.

Weren't they a handsome couple?!
I've enjoyed Wedding Week 2007 so much. Special thanks to my sweet friend Lori for suggesting it. My hope is that each of you will find as much happiness & true joy in your marriage as my parents had in theirs.

Friday, June 8, 2007

Our Wedding June 14, 1974
Wedding Week 2007

"The Way We Were" keeps playing in my head today as I work on this blog.....Wonder why? It has been 33 years since these pics were made.

To see how I use my wedding gown today & to see the Bride's Magazine Cover that it was featured in, please go back to an older post of mine written on Sunday, May 6th, 2007........

Below are me & my beautiful mother ~ she only gets better with time.

My Daddy putting a penny in my shoe for good luck. I still have it ~ keep it in my wedding ring box, propped open on display in my "wedding" cupboard. Isn't Daddy a handsome fellow? I miss him so very much!

The church looked prettier than I had ever seen it in all the beautiful candlelight!!

Our very traditional all white wedding cake
Our chocolate groom's cake with sugared grapes & strawberries
Hubby removing my garter ~ my grandmother is giggling in the background
Our wedding was done in pinks & lavenders with tons of roses (I loved pinks & roses even waaaay back then!) & white stephanotis studded with tiny pearls. If I had it to do all over again, I wouldn't change a thing. It was absolutely perfect!


Thursday, June 7, 2007

Wedding Collectibles
Wedding Week 2007

Some of my favorite wedding cake toppers. The two front ones are among my oldest. The one on the right came in its original plastic round box from Chicago in the 1940's. Both were purchased at the same estate sale. I have really fond memories of the girl I bought the pink cake topper from. It was from her "1st" wedding!!!She was a hoot!!!

Next are a few of my GONE WITH THE WIND collectibles that are also in the wedding theme category. The oval plate is from the Cameo Series, titled Pearls & Promises featuring Scarlett O'Hara. The small domed piece is from the Franklin Mint, titled THE BETROTHAL. Last is the Dave Grossman Figurine, Scarlett & Charles Hamilton.

This cute little bride & groom are from the Lizzie High Collection. Hubby got me these!
Hope everyone is having a wonderful week & enjoying all the wedding hoop-la!!


Wednesday, June 6, 2007

More Groom's Cakes....

Wedding Week 2007

Since everyone is enjoying the pictures of different styles of groom's cakes, I thought I would add a few more. For some reason, my ISP wasn't allowing me to save my drafts for the post I did right below this one, so I have added my text & trivia bits to it below. So even if you have already looked & commented on the pics in the next post from Tuesday evening, you might want to read the accompanying text, now that it has been revised!This is the cake that started the rage all across the country for GROOM'S CAKES. Who could forget the 3-D sculpted Red Velvet Armadillo Groom's Cake in the movie STEEL MAGNOLIAS !?! Remember how gross it was to see all the guests lips, tongues, & teeth with all that yucky GREY icing on them? And remember that line that Drum quoted to Ouiser when he asked her for a slice of cake & she lopped off the tail end of the armadillo for him?!?! Well, I don't talk that way, but it WAS a funny line! Thanks, Shann, for reminding me about that movie!!!

The above cake was made by Linda Austin's Cakes. Give her a peek at Lots of fun & beautiful cakes, too!

Lots of you are joining me in this fun Wedding Week 2007 ~ Check out Lori, Shann, Mary, & Sonia, too!! I'm sure there are others. I'll add more names & links as I become aware of them!



Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Groom's Cakes ~ A Southern Tradition

Wedding Week 2007

I've been very surprised to hear from so many of you that have never seen a Groom's Cake!!! Having been born & raised in TX, I've never been to a wedding WITHOUT one! At least every high falootin' one has one!! :0)

So I did a little research & found out that originally wedding cakes were fruitcakes (ugh ~ we all know what THOSE taste like!). When Queen Victoria's daughter got married in the 1800's, she decided to buck tradition & wanted a WHITE cake. Monkey see, monkey do, everyone started wanting WHITE bride's cake. If you were affluent & could afford WHITE flour & REFINED sugar, you flaunted it by serving a WHITE cake.

In the 1970's people started thinking it might be nice to offer a different flavor option, plus what if there weren't enough bride's cake to serve all the hungry guests? Thus a new tradition of serving chocolate groom's cake was begun. Think this was also the start of a boost in the Southern bakeries businesses & in our Southern waistlines!! :0)

Here is a traditional two-tiered groom's cake with gorgeous swags......

A unique TOPHAT groom's cake complete with matching HATBOX in masculine stripes made by Sugar Cakes of Santa Barbara............

A not-so-typical cheesecake covered in chocolate ganache, decorated with Belgian chocolate "tiles", also made by Sugar Cakes. First seen in IN STYLE magazine.....

An adorable "Tuxedo" groom's cake made by Freed's Bakery of Las Vegas.........

If you get a chance take a peek at & to see more yummy cakes.



Monday, June 4, 2007

Bridal Cake Pictures
Wedding Week 2007

Well, wouldn't you know it, I goofed! I was trying to work ahead a bit on my posts & clicked to publish one I started Saturday evening. BUT I meant for it to be TONIGHT'S post. I'm afraid someone will miss it, so please keep scrolling below to see some amazing wedding cakes.....delicious eye candy!

AND if anyone out there knows how to tell me to keep this kind of goof up from happening again, please post a comment for me!


Sunday, June 3, 2007

Wedding Cakes, Toppers & Bride Dolls
Wedding Week 2007

June is just such a wonderful month for a wedding! Of course, I would think that, as our wedding anniversary is June 14th, Flag Day. Below is our Bride & Groom Wedding Cake Topper. Hmmmm, it is turning slightly "ivory" where it once was bright white......wonder what THAT means?!?!

Below are a couple of pictures of a cake my daughter designed for me. Ours was originally an all white confection which I think is just timeless classic beauty, but these days, if I had it to do over again, I think I might go "PINK!" So, I can keep this one out year round now & satisfy my need for a pink wedding cake in my wedding themed bedroom!

This is my prized porcelain Scarlett O'Hara Bride Doll by Seymour Mann. I was lucky enough to purchase her from a fellow GONE WITH THE WIND enthusiast that was sizing down her collection. She is exquisite, especially with those green glass eyes & pearl necklace & tons of bridal satin & lace. Thanks, Deb, I'm giving her a great new home!
Funny story, my granddaughter who lives with us, says this doll absolutely creeps her out! She recently made us remove all dolls with glass eyes from her bedroom so she could sleep. What is up with that?!? Maybe she saw my pal Karla's post on what she did to a poor nephew when he came home for a visit! Check out her cute sense of humor at karla's cottage!!

I've got lots more wedding pictures & things to share with you all this week ~ please join me & my friend Lori at pink faded roses for more wedding goodies & tidbits! Would love to see some of you post some of your wedding stories, goodies, trivia, etc, too! Hope to see you here again tomorrow!


Wedding Week 2007

Amazing Wedding Cakes

Thought that I would share some amazing wedding cakes with you tonight. I found these on . Aren't they just lovely?!?! Old fashioned as I am, I can see the trend for using more colors & themes on today's cakes. They each have their own appeal.

Ribbons 'n Bows takes on a whole new meaning!

An adorable pink cake with fresh flowers & buttons & loops "closures" decorations!

What a gorgeous cake with faux lace icing! Yummy!!

A very sophisticated cake with fondant icing. Love those calla lillies!

My favorite one.....I just love the scrolls & "quilted" look ~ think my daughter has decided on one very similar to this for her November wedding! She wants to design & add 2 more layers to it & will also have a triple monogram included on one layer with tone on tone icing. She intends to use fresh pink roses & pink-edged white roses on top & cascading down one side!!

I don't have access to a scanner, but will try to get a picture of my wedding cake to share with you later in the week.

By the way, how many of you are accustomed to seeing both a bride's AND a groom's cake at wedding receptions? I have always lived in TX, & we always have BOTH, but I've recently been talking to several friends over the internet who have never seen a groom's tomorrow I will try to post a few pics of my favorite groom's cakes!