Friday, February 27, 2009


White House tour of the Queen's Room

(so named in honor of the many ~ 7, I believe~ queens that have slept here).....thru the years.....

photo credit: Domino Magazine

Laura Bush decorated the Queen's Room as shown above

photo credit: Domino Magazine <

Her mother-in-law Barbara Bush decorated it this way

photo credit: Domino Magazine

The above picture is how Jacqueline Kennedy & her French decorator Stephane' Boudin decorated the same room

Which one do you like best?

The Domino website has many more pictures of White House decorating here if you are interested.

And lastly for PINK Saturday, my pink roses from my favorite son-in-law!

I love seeing everyone's pinkness!! Please visit our sweet hostess, Beverly of How Sweet the Sound to visit more Pink Saturday participants!

PINK Saturday Hugs,

Friday, February 20, 2009


It is time for another PINK SATURDAY!! I love seeing everyone's pinkness!! Please visit our sweet hostess, Beverly of How Sweet the Sound to visit more Pink Saturday participants!
My dear PRH sister Katie of Rose Breeze Boutique made this darling little birdie in a pink nest for me. She calls it Hearts Aglow because it has a tiny battery operated candle in its base!

I purchased the little handpainted roses wooden tote & crocheted angel from my sweet TX friend Celeste of La Rea Rose. The back side of the tote features a darling Santa, so I just turned it around for the upcoming Spring!

This is just a bit of the bling that is on my little Spring Tree.....Katie also supplied me with the Bliss charm & others that she tied with pink/brown/white ribbon for my daughter's wedding tree! I'm still enjoying them so much!

My little Barbie porcelain teaset in honor of Scrappy Jessi

Hello Kitty for Lori

Sweet pink angel

Heart Jar from Amy of Bunny Rose Cottage

The last of my Valentine's decorations before I packed them away.

Now it's time for SHAMROCKS!!

My little vintage magnetized kissing couple

PINK Hugs,

The "Other" Half!!

The "Other" Half!!
Last time I posted about all the wonderful treats from my friend & PRH Sister Shirl. Well, Shirl just happens to have a daughter named Jen of Jennifer's Petal Palace & she is every bit as sweet as Shirl is, & I was lucky to have Jen as my Christmas Swap partner!

I purchased some beautiful silver & pink handpainted Christmas ornies from Jen years ago before I ever met her, so this year she gifted me with some beautiful blue handpainted ornies that go great in my red/blue dining room!!

Jen knows that I collect spare body parts (hands to be exact), so she handpainted her special roses on this lovely hand vase for me. Look, Vic, I don't have to try to swipe yours now!!

Jen also creates the yummiest faux food that you'll ever see. I am so lucky to have some of her beautiful cupcakes!

She also gifted me with this adorable birthday cake!

Look at this gorgeous vintage inspired ornament!!! Love the millinery on it!

Jen knows how much I love cupcakes, so she gifted me with two of her precious cupcake ornies ~ one blue....

one pink....

And the piece de very own "JEN" special faux ice cream cone!!

See, I told you she was the other half of the dynamic duo of Shirl/Jen!! To view more of Jen's items, you can visit her Lolli Shop Store here.

Now, I'm off to find more missing pictures.....


Thursday, February 19, 2009

Spotlighting "Shirl"!

Spotlighting "Shirl"!

I made lots of pictures during the holidays of my swaps & Christmas & birthday goodies, then "misplaced" them. Senior moments seem to be happening more often these days & it doesn't help when you are taking down Christmas, having company, having new grandbabies, & trying to keep working, too!! Too many things vying for my attention & I forget absolutely everything when I'm around my new little grandson!!

But here is the first in a boat-load of pics for you .....

My dear sweet friend & PRH Sister Shirl of Shirl's Rose Cottage gifted me with some glorious goodies for my bday & Christmas, & when the packaging is THIS GOOD you just know the inside is going to be yummy!!
My picture turned out too light ~ but Shirl makes the most beautiful SRE (silk ribbon embroidery) and I'm so lucky to have several of her special pieces! She sells on etsy here, so go check her out ~ you will be amazed!!

Shirl makes THE sweetest tags ever, just full of millinery flowers, beads, glitter, & TONS of soft pastel seam binding!!

Love my mini-stocking & Christmas tag!

And Shirl shares my affinity for adorable snowmen so she bought this special piece for me! I just love how it glistens!

She also knows how I love to stitch & embroider, so she is trying to get me hooked on yet another stitchery craft!!

She even gifted me with my very own "Tweet Baby" Grandma's Brag Book for new little grandson ~ and boy, has it been getting used!

Quite a haul, wouldn't you say? I love you, Shirl!!

Now many of you may know this, but Shirl is only one half of a very dynamic duo, so I'll post soon about the other half!!


Saturday, February 14, 2009


I'm a little late in getting my post up today, but if you scroll all the way down you'll see why . . . AND who my fav new Valentine "man" is!!

An eBay group that I am a member of had a Valentine's Day Swap & these are the items I sent my partner.....

My sweet swap partner was Karen of Second Hand Rose, & she knows me very well. She sent me these......ALL are adorable & show her expert handiwork!!

Love you Karen for spoiling me so.....and I'm blaming YOU for me going up an extra pant size!!! :0)

Now for a few of the Valentine's decorations around our house....

Hubby got me some of this.....

Ending with some extra sweetness.....

Now here is my main man, my new Valentine Hunk......and the real reason this post doesn't have even 1/2 the pictures I had planned grandson spent his first overnight visit with us last night (he's now 4 wks. old) & I'm more than a little loopy & sleep-deprived today.....but soooo drunk on LOVE!!!

Look out, Tom Cruise & George Clooney!!

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Happy Valentine's Day


Happy PINK Saturday Hugs,