Thursday, July 2, 2009


Our dear blogging friend Deanna of Timeless Things, is STILL celebrating her birthday today with yet another wonderful party!! I tell you, this girl really knows how to kick up her heels and celebrate in grand style! This time we are to come as our favorite movie stars!

Visit her blog here to see more participants & to wish her a very happy day!!

HAPPY 46th Birthday, DEANNA!!

You may wonder who just arrived at the party in this spectacular
1935 Duesenberg J Bonman and Schwartz Convertible Coupe...

I'll give you a few hints....

I'm the 1930's Queen of Screwball Comedy (Connie/Ethel, are ya listening?I'm tricking you this time) and I'm married to a very hunky and famous movie matinee idol. Shoot, I gifted my terrific hubby with the above car ~ there are LOTS of ways to keep a man happy!! ;0)

Well, it's lil' ol' ditzy zany me......Carole Lombard

and my hunky husband, Clark Gable!

Here we are pictured at the premiere of Gone With the Wind. I thought if my duds were swell enough for that event, that they would certainly be fitting for Deanna's birthday bash ~ and I hear she just loves GWTW, so what better outfit to wear today, too!

Sweet Deanna, my biggest birthday wish for you is that you & Mr. Timeless Things will always be as happy & devoted to each other as Clark and I are.

Please help yourself to some birthday petite fours!

Now lets get to some fun stuff ~ like opening presents!

My own personal Deco Sapphire Pin

And a wonderful Art Deco bar pin that Clark picked out that is adorned with approximately 2.50 carats of diamonds and set in platinum. $6.000

We also chose for you these gorgeous bits of bling....Approximately 3.00 carats of white diamonds are set in these beautiful Art Deco-style earrings, crafted of platinum. Price: $17,850

A funny set of dolls with likenesses of us to remember us & your special day by

And last but not least, a hunky man of your very own.....Cary!

Big Big Birthday Hugs, Deanna!


Duni said...

Ooh...gorgeous and elegant party dress! I love the presents :)
See you at the party!



bj said...

How cute this whole post did an outstanding job...and I LOOOOVE those presents you brought..:)
Happy Birthday to Deanna...
xo bj

Deanna said...

Oooohhh how did you know that Cary is my dreamboat???!!!??? Swoon! Well, my dear, you certainly spared no expense when celebrating my special day!! I love my Deco jewelry and I adore the dolls you had specially made for me to remember you by!! Simply the best party I've ever had!!!

Thank you so much for sharing my special day. Mr. T is having such a wonderful time sitting here and reading everyone's blog...he thinks you all are pretty special and of course, I've always known that!

Love love love,
Deanna :D

blushing rose said...

Darling creative post. TTFN ~Marydon

Tara said...

You and Clark look DIVINE! I love all the art deco jewelery too, it's beautiful. Don't Deanna and Mr. Timeless throw a fabulous Party! If Deanna is too busy with he Mr. Timeless, I'll take Cary off her hands. I've always adored that man!

It was a pleasure attending the party with you,


Celestina Marie said...

Hi Stephanie, Oh I love this party and I adore the bling!! You look gorgeous in your party attire.
Such yummy treats too.
Love this post sweetie. You are so talented and creative.
Big Happy Birthday wishes to Deanna!!

Yes, I alread visited Amy to see her new entertainment center painted. She let me know it was finished. It sure turned out pretty. She did a great job!

Have a wonderful 4th of July weekend. Looking forward to seeing some of your Patriotic treasures.

Love ya, Celestina Marie

Lisa said...

Oh I love it!! It is all so great!! And Cary Grant too!! WOW!!!!
This has been such a fun party! How cool for Deanna to have it!
Hugs, Lisa

Mary said...

Hello Stephanie,What a cute Birthday post. I like Clark and Cary too:)
Stopping by to say Happy 4th of July. Hope you have a fun and safe weekend.Hugs Mary:)

Irma's Rose Cottage said...

What a fabulous party! Love the bling! What a grand way to celebrate!

Hugs :)


Unknown said...

Gorgeous party dahhhhling!! Love it Steph! So much fun!!

Love you too :)

Lori said...

Oh how I adore art deco jewelry!!! Not to keeen on the decorating style but the jewelry and clothes of the period are my favorite! Too cute post! Oh and if you read my post, ITS NOT YOU!!! Love and hugs, Lori

Connie said...

We're back from th' woods, sugar! Now, you just KNOW there is a blog coming up about the camping trip, right!?! LOL BUT I must comment on the "lots of ways" to keep a man happy.......and a car is NOT the top of the list for men, sistah!!! Ooooops, don't let mum hear that one or she'll wash out my mouth.....Kisses for that southern belle,

Unknown said...

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