Monday, April 23, 2007

HGTV's 10 Most Pampered Pets
My precious pets are very pampered at my house. We even have one dog who doesn't even know that she is a d-o-g, but that is another story. Featured here today is my adorable little Jack Russell Terrier, Sissy (well, not really little ~ took her in to the vet to have her toenails trimmed yesterday & she weighed in at 18.5 lbs!) She was the product of a broken home ~ I inherited her when my daughter got divorced. She is 8 yrs. old now & such a love. Have you ever seen the Bissell carpet cleaner commercial where the little JRT is bouncing around non-stop & the home owner says, "My vet says he'll settle down after he turns 7"? Well, we are still waiting.......She is by far the most intelligent dog I've ever had, is fiercely protective of me, & absolutely loves playing ball ALL the TIME!! My dear father built her shabby chic designer bed for her about three Christmases ago. He lost his courageous battle with cancer on March 1st, so I'm especially proud of this little bed. He & Sissy were best buds. I often told him she sleeps in a prettier bed than I do! His creation led me to enter Sissy in HGTV's Most Pampered Pets contest last August 2006 & she won one of the top 10 spots, so she is a celebrity of sorts! And it made my daddy very proud that he was a part of it! Click on the above link to see all the adorable winners.


Bertie said...

That is YOU???? I saw this HGTV spot and thought "how cute"...but....didn't know that was YOU!! I'm honored to know such a famous person!!

Love the mirrors!! If I didn't hate looking in them so much, I'd sure have more.

I so enjoy visiting here with you, Steph. Your blog is AWESOME!! I look forward to my next visit!


Stephanie said...

Hi sweet Bertie! No, I'm not famous, just my pooch! She'll be happy to sign a "pawtograph" for Fraidy Cat if you want!! :-)

Hope you come back to visit again soon. What I really want is for you to start up a blog, too!


PurpleFlowerFairy said...

omg! i love it - lol! that is too cute =) how wonderful that your dad made it, makes it that much more special... debbie =)

Nonie Mae said...

That is so cute..Your mirror is beautiful... said...

I wish my bed was as pretty as your dog's is!

From my CHERRY heart said...

That is soooooo sweet Steph!
I love that bed......

And what a treasured heirloom to have for all your pampered fur babies! :-)

Tooo cute!
XO, Dolly

Heather ~ Pretty Petals said...

Stephanie, Oh is that the cutest thing! What a little sweetie and a celebrity too!

I got tears in my eyes when you said your Daddy built it, we do have so much in common as my Dad has cancer. I bet you will treasure this cute little bed forever!

I have a cute little bed for my poochie myself, it is an pld wrought iron doll bed with white chippy paint. I will have to post a picture of that soon!

Have a great day! Heather

Natasha Burns said...

Stephanie that is so sweet, Sissy is gorgeous and how special that your father made her stunning bed. They deserve to be pampered don't they!!!

My Pink Boutique said...

Stephanie, your pooch is one pampered furchild! :-D What a darling and special bed from Grandpa. Love the pics!
kimberly :)

anita said...

What a great bed! Any pooch would have sweeter dreams in that bed!! Thanks for stopping by my blog & wishing me a happy b-day. So sweet! Your home is gorgeous! Has it ever been featured in a magazine?