Sunday, January 20, 2008

My New "Momma Bear" Chair & Sofa

My New "Momma Bear" Chair & Sofa
Last time I showed pics of our new sofa, this time I'm showing our bookcase, antique floor lamp, AND.........
My "Momma Bear" Chair......This one is all mine to cuddle up in!
I hope to soon make a new slipcover for my old ottoman, but til then the battenburg cover will have to do.
THIS is what really sold me on the set ~ all the special tailoring on the back of the chair. Muffin, our cat, just loves to lie in wait underneath & scare our poor little dogs to death as they unsuspectingly stroll by!
I had so many of you write and ask about the box on my coffee table that I decided to show a couple more pics here. It is extremely special to me, as it was one of the last things my dear daddy ever made for me.
I decorate for all the different seasons & holidays using this pretty glass-footed piece now. Right now two of my specially sweet friends & PRH sisters goodies are in it, an adorably sparkly lavender filled sachet ("stress buster" gift for my daughter's wedding for the nervous Mother of the Bride) from Katie of Rose*Breeze*Boutique, & a precious handsewn sequined felt heart & vintage bling bling brooch from dear sweet Rhea of Sweet N Shabby Roses. Rhea is having a giveaway so jump over to her blog to enter! And Katie doesn't have a blog, but run here to look at her ebay listings as she is making some adorable items for Valentine's Day & Easter!
Mary from Oh Merci made me the unique little pink Putz style paper church ~ I'm constantly amazed at all the detailing she puts into everything she makes! Daughter & her husband gifted me with the white bottle brush trees & I'm just not ready to put them away yet! I usually put out all my snowmen right after Christmas, but this year has been so unusually warm I just didn't get them all out......supposed to be in the lower 20's here tonight, so I just might drag them out yet!!
A closeup of my very favorite old crazed teapot on a tray that I painted & added fabric to.

Next time I'll be showing more pictures of my glass topped church table & some spring goodies!


The Rose Room said...

Hi Stephanie, your living room looks gorgeous, the box your daddy made is precious, a lovely place to hold special mementoes. I love your Mama Bear chair, I want it!!!! What a great find:) Rachael

Anonymous said...

Hi Stephanie,
Love the new furniture. Just bliss! When you take more pictures please take a close up of the tiled back server I see in one of your pics. I have almost bought one of those twice over the years but just no room for one. Your home is beautiful & full of wonder things made by dear friends & I love the box your dad made.

Alison Gibbs said...

Oh how comfy your Momma Bear chair looks.

Mary said...

Hello Stephanie, Thank You for the sweet visit. Love your Momma Bear chair. The buttons on the back just put the finishing touches on it.
Your box is so special from your Dad.
What a beautiful way to show all your lovely things. Have a nice week,
Hugs Mary:)

Merci-Notes said...

Hello Stephanie,
I love your new "Mama Chair". Please , oh please try to catch a photo of your "sweet" cat in hiding! I would love to see!!!
I have a pink chair that i reupholstered many years ago in three different fabrics. I love it.
Thanks for posting the pictures of my church! I love the box that our father made for you! It is so beautiful but I tear up at the knowledge of your father crafting it for you. I have a chair that my father was working on for my sister in NY. I am keeping it for her until she moves to NC.

Your home is beautiful!
With Kindness,

Scrappy Jessi said...

o im so glad you stopped by!
your room is gorgeous!!
i love everything!
i bookmarked you , now i can check in regularly!
have a great week,

Sharon said...

Make room Steph, I'm moving in. The colors are perfect and it looks so relaxing. It's so beautiful makes me want to make over my home. said...

YOu hve my dream couch and chair!!! I love those, they are just gorgeous!

Artsy Etc. said...

How beautifully romantic. You did wonderfully.


Aww Steph i can just see you curled up all cosy in your Mama Bear Chair :)

You got someone to rubb your feet??

love your loungeroom !

Big Hugs
Shann xo

Lori said...

Stephanie, Am I not in the least bit surprised that your living room furniture is so very close to the ones I have been dreaming of for three years?? Nope not at all!!! Everything looks so geat together. Yep, I also want to see the hiding kitty! So have you been enjoying your much warmer weather then our 10 below zero?? Today was a great morning to wake to freshly fallen snow, unfortunately tommorrow I get the icky nerve test done at nine a.m. for the leg numbness, YUCK!Will keep in touch! Love ya, Lori

Shelley said...

Hello Stephanie, I am Shelley ! I just had to tell you how beautiful your home is, and I adore your sofa and Momma Bear chair. How blessed you are. Thanks for sharing your wonderful home with us.


Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage said...

Hi Steph!

Your home is so elegant and pretty! The furniture is stunning. I love the back of the chair too! That is so cute! I cant wait to see your spring goodies :)

love ya,

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Hi, Stephanie, thanks for stopping by. Very nice to meet you and of course I don't mind you adding me to your link list at all.

Your home is lovely. I hope you'll come back & visit me often.


Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

It is all absolutely beautiful! /luvvvvvv it!

Cathy said...

Stephanie, Your pictures are lovely. I am especially drawn to that amazingly gorgeous white box your daddy made for you. What a treasure to behold and you have it decorated beautifully! Stunning! I just love all your new furniture. Enjoy it in good health.

ShabbyInTheCity said...

What blogger wouldn't love that chair!!! It's so US :)

Anonymous said...

Hi thank you for comments...I have two pics on my blog of two shoes... I have not posted yet they go so fast! Ever since Eco Chic Weddings and Ullabenulla posted them on their blogs!
I just received a Wedding order on Cape Cod..The wedding is going to be
at the Cape Cod Art Museum perfect..lucky gal!

She'sSewPretty said...

I think that might be the prettiest chair and sofa I've ever seen. One day I will have one that is "just right" too. After my house isn't full of boys and young men all the time.

Mary Isabella said...

Hi Stephanie, Iam Mary from I am a first time visitor and love your blog. The box you Father made is very beautiful....Mary

Beth Leintz said...

OH, I want to snuggle up with a good book and cup of tea in your Momma Bear chair- and when you come home, I'd be happy to move on over to the couch! So pretty!

Anonymous said...

Hi Stephanie did you find the Magical shoes? Did the email go thru?

rosechicfriends said...

Steph...your home is just PEFECT..and I love the *Momma Bear* reference, cause you are DOES remind me of that story! YOU go MOMMA BEAR!!! lol

Love ya...Lorena

vickie said...

Steph, LOVE the sofa and chair. Very soothing colors.
hugs, Vickie

Laume said...

It's all lovely - the beautiful special box, the tea pot, and the new sofa and chair. But even looking at the photos makes me cringe at the thought of what my evil cats would do to such a pristine setting. I guess I'll keep my cats and less than perfect decor, sigh, but it's nice to know good furniture truly exists somewhere out there in the world.

~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

I so enjoyed seeing your lovely home and pretty treasures! :)

celestina marie said...

Steph, I can view your family room over and over and still see something more that makes your room so special. Just love your new furniture and they way you have displayed everything. BEAUTIFUL!

La Rea Rose

Diana at Chloe's Chic Boutique said...

Thanks for sharing the photos of your family room, I just love the design of the new couch and chair with the coordinating print fabric... really pretty!
The valances look great,The tile back server,hand-painted plates,and the box your dad made are all just gorgeous! What a lovely lovely room you have created!


cherub*wishes said...

Hi Stephanie!!
Gorgeous lady ;o) Gorgeous home ;o)
Not sure I have a favorite since I love it all LoL!
Thanks for stopping by ...

cherub*wishes said...

Oh take that back how could the momma bear chair not be a favorite... ***smiling***

Rosie said...

Hi there, I have just found your blog and am enjoying it very much. You have a beautiful room, and I love your suite. Very pretty.
Rosie in the UK

gail said...

Just found your blog and had to read all of your old posts. I have ot ask where you got your living room furniture? The sofa and chair are TO DIE FOR!

Gail in Kansas

Kallis said...

So cute....Stylish & beautiful sofas and chairs at most discounted prices provided by Charles Keath.......!

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone,

I love your new "Mama Bear Chair".I have a sofa but not a mama bear chair that design and creativity is very nice,Which gives hearty relax.