Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Summer Love

Summer Love
I've always loved summer, although as I age, not so much summer sun!! I've changed my music to reflect on summer love, & below are some of my all time favorite summer themed movies. Not a new one in the bunch! I love the old movies that I can safely enjoy with my granddaughter.

Annette Funicello & Frankie Avalon were my favorites as a little girl back in the mid 60's. I just adored Annette, still do! I don't think she is in very good health now, as I believe she has MS. But the last time I saw her on tv, she was still such a beauty & so seems to be such a true American sweetheart.

We actually walked along side Frankie Avalon & his bodyguard at Disneyland back in the mid 80's. He was there to do a concert. And yes, he was wearing all white & had a fantastic "George Hamilton" tan!!

Grease was such a fun movie, after all, who wouldn't love a movie that had "PINKETTES" in it, right Lori?!?! Great songs that I know every word to. I taught both daughter & granddaughter how to Hand Jive with this movie!

Sandra Dee & Troy Donahue just melt my heart!
I'm almost embarassed to tell you that my granddaughter made me watch Gidget Goes Hawaiian with her last summer at least 10 times!! I know every word by heart now! But then, I was the one that convinced her to sit through it with me in the first place!
Think I'll go see what is on Turner Classics, maybe a good ol' summer time movie.....


rosechicfriends said...

Hi Steph!
Oh How I remember when I saw Grease! I was on a vacation in San Francisco with a was really one of the first movies I had gone to. I didn't grow up going to movies much cause my parents couldn't afford it with 4 girls...then money was tight!

Come on over and sign up for my giveway!

Love ya...Lorena

Connie said...

Ohmygosh!!! Does that bring back memories or what, Lucy!!! I love Annette Funicello.
Smoochies for mum,

Margie said...

Hi Stephanie! Thanks for visiting my blog! I have a question for you: You said you've never seen the larger pink dolls that I have, only the smaller ones? Are you talking about the little pink dolls that you used to be able to order from the back of comic books? You would get a set of about 50 or 100 of them? I have been searching for them for years and years and have yet to find any of them. I had a set when I was little and just loved them, but I'm afraid they got lost in a move one time. :O(

Anyway, I was just wondering if they were the ones you were talking about?

And by the way, I LOVE the old summer movies as well! There is just something so special and innocent about them!!!

Please visit me again!

Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

Steph, I LOVED GREASE. There isn't a summer movie better then that! Enjoyed all the posts I've missed, esp. the chair redo, lovely! Hope you are having a great summer.

Joy said...

I love movie nostalgia. I'll always remember how much my kids loved Meet Me In St. Louis.

celestina marie said...

Hi Steph, what a walk down memory lane. I remember seeing all these movies too and what summer fun I had planning to go to the movies with my girlfriends. How wonderful that your grand daughter can enjoy these with you now. You make me want to see a movie now, make some popcorn and relax. Sure enjoyed your post.

Miss you, hugs, Celestina
la rea rose

Adeline's Shabby Cottage said...

Hi Steph!! I love ALL of those movies. It is hard to find good movies to watch w/kids now isn't it? Grease will always be one of my favorites!! And who doesn't love Gidget and Annette? Fun post!

I also wanted to drop by and say thank you for your recent comments. I'm sorry that I haven't got around to visit you sooner. I received my basket and LOVE is not even the word!!! Thank you, thank you!!

Big hugs,

Theresa @ Take A Sentimental Journey said...

Stephanie , now that was a nice walk down memory lane . The old movies are the best. I hate the weird stuff they make nowadays .

Although everyone is talking about "Mama Mia " being a good movie . I might have to see that one .

Joy said...

OMG, I loved all those old beach movies. Especially Gidget!