Monday, November 30, 2009

100 Years Ago Today ~ Remembering Nana

Today is a momentus occasion ~ November 30, 1909 ~ 100 years ago today, my precious grandmother was born!

Not a day goes by that I don't think of her and miss her. I hold many memories very dear to my heart of the wonderful and strong Southern Lady that she was, a pioneer in her own way, and way ahead of her time.  She was raised by a single mother, lost her baby brother Hugh in a drowning accident when he was 11 yrs. old, put herself thru nursing school, and married a wonderful man who was 19 yrs. older than she.  Being that much older, he left her a fairly young widow who never remarried. She finished raising her two girls, worked as a private duty nurse, took care of her aging mother, mowed her own grass, painted, refinished furniture, did everything herself.

She was an amazing lady, a funny, spirited soul ( I swear sometimes I can "channel" her thru me!), and a devout Christian. She loved her Texas Rangers, watched golf and football ~ thought her grandson-in-law (my hubby) could/should become a famous professional golfer! She loved her son-in-law (my daddy) just as much as she loved her daughter (Mother laughingly accused her of possibly loving him even more! She could sew, crochet, piece quilts, and cooked THE BEST meatloaf EVER!

She loved to play Solitaire, listened to gospel shows on TV after she could no longer attend church, and we talked on the phone EVERY day, multiple times in fact. I was blessed to have her move to our town in her later years so that she could be closer to Mother and me.

Some of my happiest memories are of playing "decorating" games with her using an old Monopoly board as a base and old dominoes to make pretend beds, sofas, and chairs. We used her stash of pretty buttons as pillows for the beds. Hmmm, think she gave me the decorating bug all those years ago?!? She would also ask me to roll her hair with those torturous old wire and bristle hair rollers and those horrid little pink picks and then she would pretend-fuss at how much I was "hurting" her! Fun memories!

As I look back on all my granny meant / means to me, I can only pray that my two precious grandchildren will love me at least half as much as I will always love Nana!

She would giggle so much at my posting some of her "glamour shots" here!!

Tell those you love that YOU LOVE THEM often and give them a hug for me!

Big Hugs,


Vicki said...

Oh, Stephanie, I loved this post! What a sweet tribute to your nana! She was just beautiful, and I loved how she "posed" for her pictures. I can tell just by looking at her that she loved life and loved her family! Again, thank you for sharing her with us, my dear friend! Have a lovely week! Vicki

Connie said...

What a wonderfully sweet post about another gracious southern belle, sugar! Isn't it so neat to have such photos and lovely memories to share with others? You are a tribute to them I am sure. Hugs and smooches for mum please. Ooooh, kiss Keaton and Autumn for me also. I'm sure they'll love getting kisses from out here in Idaho. LOL
xoxo my dear sweet friend,

Bertie said...

This is so precious, Steph! I love this post and it reminds me that I must write about my grandmother some day. I have a few photos of her but not nearly as many as you have shown. She looks like such a fun person to around.

Don't we all wish our grandchildren think of us as fondly as we do our wonderful grannies!

Sweet post, honey.....

Aunt May's Cottage

Katie said...

Awwww - now you have ME missing her!

vickie said...

Stephanie, this post reminded me so much of my Mother, I was born late in her life, and she was a single Mom. We had so much fun together. Your pictures of your Nana are darling. She looks happy, and I'm so glad you had her in your life. Thanks for sharing.

Alison Gibbs said...

Stephanie what wonderful memories of your Grandmother. How lucky to have someone so special in your life

Sara's Sweet Surprise said...

Hello Stephanie~What lovely thoughts about your grandma. It brings up my own tender feelings of my mom and mother in-law, who I miss sooo much. Our precious photo memories is what brings comfort to our hearts.
The holidays are a tough time without family near by....
That's why I work so hard to create a festive mood for my little family. The baking is what really brings out the holiday cheer.

Sweet holiday wishes,

Bunny Rose Cottage said...

Oh Steph! This was such a beautiful post, I just loved reading it! Your grandma sounds so wonderful and inspiring! Your memories of her remind me so much of wonderful memories with my grandma. I remember her wearing those curlers with pink sticks too! You are such a sweet, loving, fun grandma, there is no doubt that your grandbabies will have just as wonderful memories with you! How could they not!
Love you sweet friend,

Sandi@ My Yellow Door said...

Hi Stephanie,
I loved your tribute to your remarkable grandmother! She was quite a lady! I have been working on a tribute to my own grandmother whose birthday is tomorrow. Great minds think alike, it seems. I think you're right; we do have a lot in common. Thank you for your prayers for my aunt; it means a lot to me. Have a beautiful day.

Blessings and hugs,
Sandi said...

She sounds wonderful!!! What a joy it must have been for you to have had her in your life. I love your photos of her. They tell a story as well. I hope we can all leave those kind of memories for our loved ones.
The Capers of the Vintage Vixens

Six divided by two..... said...

I love your post. What a beautiful tribute to your grandmother. I love your blog also.. I am now a follower.

Lisa said...

Oh how great! My great grandmother played solitaire all the time! I love your pictures! I need to get some of mine scanned and one the computer. I love ones of my mom as a child!
Hugs, Lisa