Sunday, October 30, 2011

Ghouls on the Lawn Pt. 1

Our town has THE prettiest home subdivision that looks like something just out of another era.
Beautiful homes on lovely winding streets with tons of HUGE trees, sidewalks, commons areas, and a fountain that is to die for.

The area hosts many special events thruout the year, one being a Halloween event named Ghouls on the Lawn. Lots of wonderfully decorated homes, tons of fun costumed neighbors, a magician, dancing, live d.j., BooTanical Gardens, a marshmallow roast complete with ghost stories, performing dance troupes, pumpkin decorating, and trick or treating.

This handsome lil guy was a real trouper ~ stayed in his stroller for hours, just smiling and waving!!
Come along with us for a quick tour..........

 I really do love a man in uniform ~ even if he's a pirate..........

This lady was a hoot ~ she was either totally tanked or really REALLY likes to camp it up! I am quite sure she needed something to bring her down at the end of the night!  In any case, she was absolutely THE BEST and was so fun!

Such a handsome couple

I'm going to get you, my little pretty!

Ginormous Frank
Even a petting zoo

We weren't real sure about going up the ramp to this house.....
I'll go, but only if you hold my hand!
Petrified Little Pirate
The gorgeous fountain in the square


More pics will follow in my next post!|

Bugs and Hisses!


Debra@CommonGround said...

Great photos, what a wonderful subdivision! the homes are gorgeous.
looks like you all had a ton of fun!

Paula ~ castleandcottagesigns said...

How fun! Love the guy and gal in whites....makes me want to dress up tonight for the kiddies coming!

Gina said...

Oh that looks like alot of fun! That pirate is pretty darn cute too. I hope he enjoyed it.

Happy Halloween!

Eileen said...

How cute! And it looks like a fun time. :)

Christie said...

What a fun filled day for y'all...I know you all had a big time! The pictures of you and your family are just beautiful :)
Thanks for sharing the tour of your Halloween town...I enjoyed seeing it decked out for this time of the year and I'll be looking forward to seeing Part 2 :)
Thank you so much for stopping's always great to hear from you Stephanie...Happy Halloween!
Big hugs,