Thursday, May 17, 2007

A Cherished Family Heirloom

I've been missing my daddy alot today, as he has only been gone since March 1st, so I thought I would like to share a few pictures & a special family heirloom that brings me happiness.

Top grouping of pictures is 3 little roly-polies ~ my uncle, my daddy, & me as infants. We obviously were all well-fed. Daddy is in the middle, larger picture, I'm on the right. Most people think I looked just like my dad & his brother . . . . does that mean I looked like a little boy?!? His mother (my Granny) made all the little gowns & sweaters we are wearing in the pics. Tons of handmade lacy tatting adorn them. Plenty of sweet little stitches, too!

The gown Daddy is wearing is now hanging in my bedroom on my armoire door on a little wooden heart hanger he made for me. His gown is 73 years old. It had hung in my guest bedroom for years, but I had just recently hung it in my bedroom & the very last time he got to come to our home I took him back into the bedroom & showed it to him again. I'll never forget his big grin. I'm so glad for that memory & all the millions of other special times we had together.

The pictures are in our living room. The little tap-dancing Shirley Temple look-alike is my darling Mother! DIdn't she look snazzy in her satin tap panties & satin cuffs?

I just love decorating with articles of clothing that have a special meaning. Thanks for letting me share these with you tonight!



~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

Such treasured family photos and heirlooms!
Special memories of your dad ~ I miss mine too......

Ele said...

Oh, Stephanie, such sweet wonderful things and memories. I will forever miss my dad and it's been over 13 years. Something about a girl and her daddy. Beloved memories will keep you strong and will always keep him close.


Hi Stephanie,
Well my eyes are all filled up with tears reading this. How beautiful, and how lovely that your Dad got to see you had hung his little outfit in your armoire. Thats a special kind of sweet right there :)

Big Hugs to you sweetie
Shann xxoo

Heather ~ Pretty Petals said...

Ok so I have tears...I am so sorry you have lost your Daddy this spring. It is hard..this circle of life.

You know I love those baby dresses so that one is just so special! It is amazing that you have it!

Lots of Love Heather

Nonie Mae said...

great memories

From my CHERRY heart said...

Awww Steph you are such an angel!

I am sending you a big warm hug!
Can you feel it????

Luvs ya, Dolly

Michele said...

Hi Stephanie, Your blog is filled with wonderful and sentimental things, I just love it! Thank you for stopping by mine. I have something for you if you will just send me your email address. And I think all of us have such a special place in our hearts for our Dads. I sure miss mine.

Karen said...

Stephanie. Thank you for your comments on my blog. I too would love to add you to my favorite blog list. Yours is beautiful and, like you, I love the Bible and shabby vintage stuff. Teacups & Twigs

Natasha Burns said...

Such beautiful memories and ways to remember your dad. Love that pic of your cute dancin' mother!

Lori said...

Stephanie, I am so glad you made those fond memories of your Daddy! I miss mine too! When I hold a carving he made it brings tears of saddness and memories of love also. How I am sure our Daddy's are proud of us and the kind, gentle women we are. Lori

Lori said...

Stephanie, Hi, email me about the wedding cake ornament. Email on my blog! Ta-Ta Lori

smilnsigh said...

Thank you so much for visiting my blog and commenting. :-)


Donna said...

Such a beautiful, meaningful vignette. I'm so sorry you've lost your father. No words can describe that kind of pain. Thank God we never forget.
I love your blog. You have great style!