Wednesday, May 2, 2007

My sweet friend Natasha of artistic creations by natasha (a real sweetheart!) tagged me for some weird fun!!! AND so did my dear friend Ele of a bit of pink heaven, AND so did my new friend Shannon at paint mine pink, (I had already tagged her, too!) so there is no escaping. I don't think I'll bore you (or humiliate myself) with 21 weird facts, but I will admit to 7!

Here are the rules…. each player starts with 7 random weird facts/habits about themselves. People who are tagged need to write on their own blog about their seven things, as well as these rules. At the end of your blog, you need to choose 7 people to get tagged and list their names. Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them that they have been tagged and to read your blog!

Okay, I'm taking a deep breath, here goes in no particular order of weirdness.....

1. I used to sleep with a monkey. Nope, not my husband. A stuffed monkey named Zip. Made by the Rushton Company, worth a bit of money now that he is an antique! Got him when I was teensy & slept with him til I was in 5th grade. My family moved to Waco, TX when I was in 1st grade & we would make the 3 hr. drive to my grandparents at least once a month. On more than one ocassion, I would forget Zip, & my daddy would patiently turn the car around & go back home to get him. And yes, I still have Zip.

2. I am a lamp-aholic. I can not Can not CAN NOT pass up a pretty lamp. I've lost count on how many floor lamps, chandeliers, & accent lamps I have. I will confess that when we listed our previous home for sale, it would take me 1/2 hr. to get all my "mood lights" turned on. Forget making the beds or hiding the dirty dishes, just turn on those pretty lamps!

3. I can drive my car in reverse as good, or better than I can drive forwards! I attribute this feat to the fact that my mom has a very long driveway that I just always pull straight into. When I leave, I just throw it in reverse & zip out of there. I also LOVE amusement rides that go backwards really FAST!

4. I cannot go up open staircases, those that you can see thru. When I was in 3rd grade my parents took me to the State Fair of Texas, & we had to park across the street from the fair grounds. To get into the fair, we had to cross over a very busy street by way of an open stairway, with cars zipping around below us. There were plenty of chain link fencing on the stairs, but nothing between the open risers, & I got so dizzy that I just got paralyzed & melted right down on the stairs. Daddy just about had to pry me up with a spatula. To this day I have a hard time with that type of stairs.

5. I hate having cabinet doors or drawers left open. They have to be closed, even if you are going to open them back up in just a minute.

6. I have to turn off the lightswitches 4 or 5 times. I'm talking about the flip switches. I check to make sure it is turned off over & over. Is my OCD showing yet???

7. I absolutely LOVE polishing silver. I must have been a servant in a previous life. I just love taking some old grungy tarnished piece of silver & restoring it to its former beauty. Hey, maybe I was Cinderella in all her cleaning drudgery in an earlier life. Yeah, that must be it & we KNOW how that story ends!!!!!

Now here are the 7 friends I tag to be it next. I told my dirty secrets, so now it is your turn!

1. Kimberly at my pink boutique
2. Connie at living beautifully
3. Shannon at paint mine pink
4. Debbie at purple flower fairy
5. Lori at vintage flair
6. Alicia at time worn style


Arlene said...

LOL...I can't deal with cabinet doors either!! Wow, it shouldn't be hard to think of 7 weird things about me....hmmm....

a bit of pink heaven said...

I enjoyed your list. Loved the moneky referece to hubby! We are a strange group! LOL!

Heather ~ Pretty Petals said...

I love hearing all of these silly things about everyone! My son sleeps with a monkey named "Monkey", if I could only tell you how much I want to replace this matted worn thing...I wash him and wash him!

You definatly would not want to come to my house..I am forever leaving my cupboard doors open. I bet all of your mood lights look so pretty! Heather

Bertie said...

I have the same problems with open stairs, drawers and turning off lightswitches. I've even come home from the store because I thought I left one on....many times! I'm just as bad with any opened doors, cabinets and shoes out of place.

Arlene said...

Funny you mentioned the cabinets...I was working away at my computer, hubby got hungry and made himself a snack...I walked in the kitchen and every, I mean every cabinet door was open. I wanted to bop him one!! Ok...I'm posting my weirdness in the morning!


Hee hee you are a freak!!! Not really :)
i can pick lots up with my feet and toes too. Its just really embarassing when i fall over but.....
love all ya weird stuff bella!

Hugs Much
xo said...

Oh, yes, I agree with #2 and #6. Mood lighting is so important.