Tuesday, November 6, 2007

4 Days to Go

~ 4 Days to Go ~

Quick post ~ lots of pics, little writing.......

My "bling" shoes for the wedding

MULTIPLE gifts from my adorable PRH sis, Katie at Rose*Breeze*Boutique. She spoiled my daughter & me!!!

Everything Miss Katie does is color co-ordinated to PERFECTION! Charms for the feather tree, scrapbooking fabric & doodads, pretty votive in Bree's colors ~ with BLING in the form of a vintage rhinestone button for me which I adore!

Katie's packaging was so fun to read & such a delight for the eyes & the senses! I'm already using the stress-buster lavender scented pillow. I've teased Katie & told her she should have included at least one extra!!

I am sooo in love with this little sachet pillow ~ the vintage chocolate & rhinestone button is just scrumptious!

Look at this gorgeous VELVET purse that Katie designed for Bree! WoW~she is going to be the best-dressed gal at the rehearsal dinner, too, with this knock out purse!!

Another of my dear PRH sisters, Lorena of RoseChicFriends helped me hunt high & low for the papier mache' intials that we will be using at the reception. (I'll pic those later, too). When she mailed them to us, she was so sweet to include a surprise for Bree & me, so prettily wrapped!
Miss Lorena sent me some beautiful die-cut angels and the most adorable little cherub guest soap! She certainly knows what I love & collect!

Look at the gorgeous handpainted roses heart ornaments she made for the feather tree! Her roses are divine, & I love the pearl hangers!

Even the back sides are yummy! Look at the glitter on top of the chocolate paint!! Bree will be using these on the feather tree & then on their first Christmas tree in just a few weeks!!
This wedding card holder was a pinata wedding cake that I covered in bridal satin, trimmed with Venise lace & gimp, & then added the piece de' resistance . . . . Miss Amy of Bunny Rose Cottage's handmade ROSES add the crowning glory!

It turned out just lovely ~ Thanks, baby sis Amy!

She also sent the pearly "P" initial for Bree (I believe she got these at Michael's, Shann!). She personalized it with one of her special little tags, so sweet!
One of my first PRH friends, Bertie of Aunt May's Cottage is really spoiling us, too. She is a sweetheart who has TONS of unique Victorian items in her shop that are right up my alley, & she definitely is on the same wave length as me in the decorating & collecting department!

She sent us this wonderful vintage wedding book. Just look at the lovely graphics.
I bought some beautiful medallions from her to use at the wedding & reception that are beautiful beyond description. This heart & pearls sachet also came from her shop. Her work is exquisite & the girl is so bad ~ she just overnighted me some MORE goodies for the wedding!! Bertie, you are such a dear! I'll picture them & post again later!


Alison Gibbs said...

What a lovely lot of pics. Not long to go now. How exciting for you all.

The Rose Room said...

Everything is just so beautiful and so very thoughtful:)

Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage said...

Oh Steph, what beautiful goodies have come from our group!! Lorena, Bertie and Katie sent some of the most beautiful things I have ever seen! Oh what a beautiful fairy tale wedding it will be!! I cant wait for pix! How is Bree holding up? Did Autumn LOVE her pursea s much as we do??

Love ya and thank you so much for your kind words!

Bertie said...

Next time I get married, I want you to plan it!! LOLOLOL

Aunt May's Cottage

~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

What beautiful beautiful pictures of all the sweet goodies! I will go back and look at them (drool over them) again!

Dolly said...

Wow Steph....everything is beautiful beyond words!
This wedding is going to be the talk of the town!

PRH gals are heaven sent are'nt they! I treasure you all!
~~ Luv you girls ~~

Have a wonderful day sweetpea!
Luvs ya, Dolly

Lori said...

Steph, Everything is just wonderful! The cardholder is gorgeous! And the tree idea so neat! I'm getting so excited that on Saturday I'll have to go to the bake shop for some french pastry cakes to have cake so sweet as you will to on Bree's day!!! Have a blast dear, and looks like comfy shoes! Love, Lori

Miss Rhea said...

Love it all Steph !! It will be such an awesome day !! :)

celestina marie said...

Steph, everything is wonderful and to perfection. Your gifts from all the talented PRH sisters are so very special and I know, sent with much love. You certainly are the wedding planner!! Sending big hugs for the next few days.
love ya, Celestina


Ohmigosh Steph i just dont know where to begin with all of this ! what an amazing bunch of wonderful, sweet and talented gals that have sent you the prettiest and most romantic treasures ive ever seen.
I can imagine that your heart is just so full :)

God bless them all, sweet sweet ladies .


karlascottage.typepad.com said...

sooooooooo pretty