Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The Wedding

The Wedding

The Bridal Portrait

Bet you all thought I was NEVER coming back again! We've just been really busy ever since the wedding, with guests, picking up, cleaning up, starting back to work on eBay at the busiest time of year, etc......But here are some pics I've been promising you, LORI, & all you other sweet girlfriends of mine. I'll try to post a few each day..........
This barefooted pic is one of my favorites & also my daughter's new hubby's. He already has an 11"x 14" of this one hung in his office.
The wedding was absolutely perfect. Good times, good friends & family, perfect TX weather.....who could ask for anything more.
Bree's two special babies, her Maltipoo, Daisy, & hubby's JRT, Willie. I happen to be babysitting these two grandpuppies right now while their parents are away!
Sissy, my little JRT, didn't attend the wedding, but she is wearing her fall ensemble & wanted to be pictured, too.
I'll try to post a few more pics in a bit. Not quite sure how many I can add & them still be "Clickable" to a larger size.



Oh my gosh Steph what a picture perfect bride Bree made! I am soooo glad everything went well. We've all been missing you terribly and waiting to find out how The Wedding Of The Year went!
Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous, even the dogs, how sweet, and lookie at lil Miss Sissy there in her ensemble. awww.

cant wait for more pics!

Hugs bella!


Cherub*Kisses said...

Hi Stephanie!!
What a gorgeous affair :) I've been checking in from time to time & am savoring my last few drops of coffee before heading to market for turkey trimmings :)
So glad I've stopped by.... the wedding pictures are beautiful!!!
Hope you & your family have a wonderfully blessed Thanksgiving!!!
Hugs, Dionne

Miss Rhea said...

Oh, everything is just beautiful !!! love your grandpuppies !! And your Baby is super sweet like you !! :)

vickie said...

Fantastic pictures, Steph, looks like a wonderful wedding. Everyone happy! Love the pic of Sissy, too!