Friday, February 12, 2010


I just THOUGHT that yesterday was pretty.....

Woke up to this pristine beauty this morning......
Can you believe this is TEXAS?!?!
Our area set a new record for snowfall in a single day!
Sweet little birdies huddled in the trees

Look at this beautiful cardinal and how it stands out so gloriously!
Now some animals are definitely more graceful and suited to this wet white stuff than others.....

Our little shih tzu ROSIE is a midget, no legs to speak of. Our son-in-law calls her Swiffer. Well, with that kind of anatomy, a bare belly can get awfully cold and wet!

I don't think I've ever seen her dash around so quickly!!

Ears flappin' in the wind!

Somehow when I see this picture, all I can think of is the animated ottoman in
 Beauty and the Beast!! LOL

Snowy Hugs,


Debbie@Debbie-Dabble said...

Such beautiful photos and I had a good laugh at the animated ottoman!


that's what our scenery here in Canada usually looks like....we have no snow here at all right now....weird, eh?

those photos you took are so dreamy...beautiful...
thanks for sharing...
this is my first time to your blog...please come by and see me too sometime....
I'll look for your follow button now....

ciao bella...

Connie said...

You let Rosie/Swiffer out?!?!?! I'm telling mom on ya, chick!

Sandi@ My Yellow Door said...

Wow, Stephanie, that looks like Prince Edward Island right now! Must be a real pain for those of you who are not used to that kind of weather. I would trade you just the same. I wouldn't mind warm weather with snow once in a blue moon! The red cardinal is gorgeous! We don't get them here; too cold! You have a Shih Tzu? I have always wanted one but never did get one. Maybe someday. That Swiffer is too cute! Have a wonderful evening.


sissie said...

The snow is so pretty, it is ashamed that everyone is so tired of it all and wishing for Spring.

I love your little doggie, she is definitely dashing through the snow.

Such a wonderful post.
Stay warm and cozy.


Cottage Rose said...

Those are some beautiful photos.. I can't believe how much Snow you all got down there.... and your sweet little fur baby she is just adorable,,,lol and funny... love her nickname..... to to cute..

Happy Valentine's Day


WhineNRoses said...

What beautiful pictures of the snow!!!
Sometimes I wish we'd get snow here in FL.
Happy Valentines Day!

Lisa said...

Love your snow pics! Ours started about 2 hours ago and we are well on the way to several inches here in NC! Enjoy your snow!
Happy Valentine's Day!

Hugs, Lisa


Such pretty pictures. I live in Colorado (although I'm a native Texan) and we have no snow right now. Goofy, huh? Things are a little upside down right now!

Hugs to you from me,

jen said...

Ya know my first winter out of Texas and all that snow! So beautiful look like A LOT! Stay warm and love your pink Valentines!
luvs and glitter

Queenie said...

What a beautiful winterwonderland you all got! You got alot more snow than we did...wasn't that so much fun...almost magical wasn't it?! Thanks for sharing your snow pics...
Big Hugs,
P.S. It was such fun seeing all of your pretty hearts in the other posts too...seeing your eye candy is always fun!

cherub*wishes said...

That first snowfall is always so beautiful !!! Makes me miss Michigan a tiny bit :)
Have a sweet day Steph!