Friday, June 22, 2007

Hello, my name is Stephanie......I AM a LAMP-A-HOLIC
Okay guys, my problem is out in the open! I really do need to enter some sort of 12 Step program for ....... Lamp-a-holics!! At least that is what my hubby says!

I plan on showing a few of my favorites here from time to time, & after much thought this one has to be my very favorite lamp. Partly just because it has everything I love on it ~ cherubs (remember my user id is angelicaccents), prisms, is PINK, has tiny roses, & is shabby white, vintage, very romantic. Has what I call all the "WoW" factors. Then partly because it was one of my very first major purchases on eBay from a very sweet seller. It has moved around several different places in my bedroom, and I have difficulty getting pics to turn out very well with a lighted lamp, so I've got mainly pics of it "off", but it is sooooo soft & beautiful at night.




Adrienne said...

Stephanie - I think you are OK. Tell your hubby that this is normal and everyone who doesn't appreciate your lamps is out-of-step! I love your lamp and can't wait to see more.

Unknown said...

Hi Stephanie! Thanks for visiting me today! I'll bet your granddaughter just loved going to visit the bunny with grandpa! How sweet :)

I LOVE your lamps, I am so jealous. You arent going to believe this, we dont own ANY lamps!!! Isnt that terrible? We have recessed lighting and a ceiling fan light and that is it! When the kids get older and I dont have to worry about them ruining pretty lamps like yours, I plan to make up for it!


~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

That is gorgeous; I can see why you like it so much!!

Beth Leintz said...

So pretty! I especially like the the sweet cherub details on the base.

Lori said...

I love the lamps!!! I am surprised I don't have this collection! I really love that mirror! I think I have a little table thing myself! LOL! Lori oh the pink thing on the topshelf is a silk rose covered heart on a silk cord!

Unknown said...

Stephanie, I think this lamp is my favorite too. It is beautiful, especially shown with the mirror!
hugs, Vickie

Jules of Whimsicalnotions blog said...

wow love the lamp,didnt realise it was you in April on my blog,thankyou
i am adding you as a favourite too.
Tell your husband none of us are normal ,we are women!

Bertie said...

Oh Steph! This is so YOU! If I saw this lamp in a store, I would think of you immediately. And, it is so perfectly displayed!

Betty said...

I love your little lamp. Actually I love the whole vignette. I had to come visit you after seeing on Mary's sidebar that we have the same birthday! Nice to meet you!

Secondhandrose said...

I love the cherubs too. Thanks for sharing.

Natasha Burns said...

oh BOY now THAT is a lamp!!!! stunning!

Heather ~ Pretty Petals said...

Hi Stephanie! Your lamp is simply fabulous! I love it...definatly has the WOW factor and it is so you with the sweet little cherubs!

xo Heather

Kingswood Food and Craft Market said...

Ok so i am catching the next plane outta here and coming to steal that lamp!!!!! I will leave cupcakes as a replacement..... LOL

Shann xxoo

P.S Sam is doing great :) xxoo