Monday, June 25, 2007

Pin Money Purses and More Lamps

As mentioned a few days ago, I do have a passion for lamps. Thought I'd share a few more favs with you today, plus a few of my pin money purses. My grandmother always used to say she had saved back "a little pin money", meaning she had a very small amount of money she had squirelled away for "fun / frivolous" items. Then I read a wonderful article in one of my favorite magazines, ROMANTIC HOMES, about a lady that collected pin money purses & the origin of them, so I started a small collection. They make me smile & always remind me of my sweet granny.

The above pic is of a darling cherub lamp that I refinished & decorated with for a while, then ending up selling to a sweet lady for use in her child's nursery. It had the most adorable little cream ruffled eyelet shade. Beside it is my cream pin money purse & a few of my small perfume bottles.

Next is a really neat retro PINK SWAN TV Lamp that I sold on eBay last year. Isn't it just too cool? To the right is another of my little cherub lamps that I outfitted with a pearl drop shade. To the left is another pin money purse, PINK of course!

This is one of my all-time favorite floor lamps that I just sold on eBay in a true moment of weakness. It is a cherub chandelier lamp, too ~ anyone notice a common theme running here?!? It has a beautiful nightlight base & just drips with prisms & a handmade rose that I attached at the cherub's little foot. I'll miss it, but it went to a super home in LA. Another little pink purse lurks in the background. The awesome Art Deco mirror with reverse bevels & convex bull's eyes was an anniversary present from hubby a couple of years ago.

My last picture shows another little pink pin money purse & one of my new favs to collect, a Lefton china hand vase. I have lined the back of my armoire with Laura Ashley Isabelle fabric & love the soft pinks & stripes.

Hopefully in the next few days I can find the time to snap a few more pictures of some more of my favorite lamps for you. Thanks for stopping by!


Lori said...

Stephanie!!!! You amaze me to the edges of earth and back! I have that hand vase too! Gosh I have to say when you don't post a few days I feel like I have lost my other half!!LOL That is an awesome fabric! I am so amazed how you can do those gorgous lamps and then sell them! Oh, by the way today is our 8th anniversary and hubby just simply said NOTHING, but I'm not surprise, M.S. people are not fun especially males with it. More on that another time! Miss you, my twin, long distance and adopted sister, Lori

Dolly said...


Steph I love visiting your blog...ita always sooo pretty!

Luvs ya, Dolly

Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage said...

Stephanie ~ Your home is so beautiful! I am so jealous of your beautiful lamps and I love the purses!!!! So beautiful.

Thank you so much for all the NICE comments you left on my blog!!! That means a lot coming from you :) You made my day!

Will you be posting any pix of your home on PRH?? I would love to see more!!!

Beth Leintz said...

I remember seeing that article in Romantic Homes about Pin Money purses and thinking they were so cute- but they are hard to find- I think I've only seen one or two since then until I saw your collection- thanks for sharing!

She'sSewPretty said...

Your lamps are gorgeous! I love those little pin money banks too. They don't seem to turn up where I shop. dang it! I also love the stripe fabric in the back of your cabinet and that gives me lots of ideas....


Thanks so much for your birthday wishes, sweet lady. We do both have a problem, don't we. My girls told me today that they think I have enough lamps (he he). Well, I AM going to sell some (eventually). We are also both addicted to cherubs. I'll have to post some more pics of some others of mine. Yours are simply divine, especially the chandelier one.
Hugs, Coll :-}

Bertie said...

I'm positive I left a comment on this post yesterday! Oh, well, perhaps the mind is going along with the body. LOL

Only wanted to say how lovely I think your lamps are. I can't pick a favorite, they are all so special! I couldn't sell them, that I know.

Love your blog and all of your postings are like reading an article in a wonderful decorating magazine that I look forward to getting.

Secondhandrose said...

I didn't know that I needed pin money purses.....but I think I do. I really do! Thanks for the pictures.

Merci-Notes said...

Hi Stephanie!
I have found that I love lamps and tables! I also like lambs and deer! It is hard to say no when good ones are found...but as collections have grown (not that big) I find I am "full-up".

Your lamps are beautiful...selling them dows leave room for new ones!!! HMM
Looking forward to more pix!
With Kindness,

vickie said...

So pretty, Steph! I love the pin money purses, and the pink Lefton hand, of course, since I have a collection of hands too! The lamps are gorgeous!

Sonia ~ C. Crafts & Collectibles said...

Very pretty, love your lamp collection. You have lots of wonderful treaures and neat ways to display them too.

Heather ~ Pretty Petals said...

Stephanie... the lamps... they are gorgeous!!! And can you believe I have never seen a pin purse before??? they are so adorable!!! I am going to have to keep my eye out for them now.

You truly have the most beautiful lamps I have ever seen in my life! They need to come and do a magazine article on you girl!

Hugs, Heather


Oh you really are just waiting for me to come over there and steal those lamps arent you....??
Luv it all as always!

Luvs ya!
Shann xo

Natasha Burns said...

Oh you have the best lamps and the custest vases!!!

Alicia ~ Time Worn Style said...

Stephanie, I am a lampaholic too but I am being good and selling a few off on ebay at the moment. dont think the goodness will last though! I also have that hand vase!! I did have some pin money banks but sold those on ebay too. Wish I had kept them now, oh well there are always more lamps to collect instead ;0)!! Alicia

"Early Bird" said...

Just stopping by to say Hi!
I enjoy your blog very much...I've never heard of the pin money containers...are they ceramic and are they antique? Where would I find one?