Sunday, June 3, 2007

Wedding Week 2007

Amazing Wedding Cakes

Thought that I would share some amazing wedding cakes with you tonight. I found these on . Aren't they just lovely?!?! Old fashioned as I am, I can see the trend for using more colors & themes on today's cakes. They each have their own appeal.

Ribbons 'n Bows takes on a whole new meaning!

An adorable pink cake with fresh flowers & buttons & loops "closures" decorations!

What a gorgeous cake with faux lace icing! Yummy!!

A very sophisticated cake with fondant icing. Love those calla lillies!

My favorite one.....I just love the scrolls & "quilted" look ~ think my daughter has decided on one very similar to this for her November wedding! She wants to design & add 2 more layers to it & will also have a triple monogram included on one layer with tone on tone icing. She intends to use fresh pink roses & pink-edged white roses on top & cascading down one side!!

I don't have access to a scanner, but will try to get a picture of my wedding cake to share with you later in the week.

By the way, how many of you are accustomed to seeing both a bride's AND a groom's cake at wedding receptions? I have always lived in TX, & we always have BOTH, but I've recently been talking to several friends over the internet who have never seen a groom's tomorrow I will try to post a few pics of my favorite groom's cakes!



Theres a classic grooms cake in the movie 'Steel Magnolias', its an Armidallio ! its hysterical. You should 'google' it and try and get a picture!

Lori said...

Hey Steph, me again! You know of all the weddings in my 47 years in IN I have never gone to a wedding with a grooms cake! My best friend Jennifer who marrried in NY over 20 years ago had one, and her daughter in TN had one last year! I will be curious who else has them! Can you take a picture of your cake picture? Oh boy, luckey you a daughters wedding in pink! Lori

Merci-Notes said...

Did you see the wedding special on HGTV Sat. night??
they did say that while white is traditional there is a trend to have a colored cake, even chocolate!!! They showed one of the chocloates it was beautiful especially for the fall!!!
I love the Tifany blue cake that you showed!
With kIndness,

p.s. some dolls look scarry i must agree with your grandma! She AND YOU must be dolls...oh no pun intended. I really mean you both must be sweet AND ALOT of FUN!

Ele said...

Those cakes are fantastic. Mine would be the pink one with the pearls. Can I get married again? To the same person, of course!

Bertie said...

Love your photos of cakes! Some of them are so intricate they don't even look real. I could never cut them....never.