Thursday, July 5, 2007

My Patriotic Gameroom

Got way too busy cooking, eating, visiting, eating, watching fireworks on tv (how sad ~ but our local fireworks show was cancelled due to all the rain & flooding we are having), to post last night before bedtime, so here are the pictures of my gameroom walls that I promised. These decorations stay out all year round, as my colors in this room are red, white & blue.

This old window frame was sitting in a dumpster behind my husband's business, so he rescued it for me. I had a mirror placed behind it where the panes of glass were originally & just love it in all its chippy glory.
I found this flag canoe a couple of years ago at either Michael's or Hobby Lobby, can't remember which. The flag box is actually a miniature Lane's cedar chest.We have an inset at the edge of our gameroom ceiling, so I decorate it in Americana items. Flags, stars, & even a few of my Coke memorabilia.
~ More flags & cross-stitch ~

~ Stars and a Reverse Ink on Glass Picture I did of a Barn and Windmill ~
~ A favorite Patriotic piece ~
Since most of my pics today have been more chippy, weathered, and primitive, I decided I should leave you with a little of my favorite "bling"! These are some pretty red white and blue brooches, & my Dorothy Bauer Flag pin.
Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday!

If any of you girls have any interest or collections of GONE WITH THE WIND memorabilia, let me know. I'm getting ready to share some of my GWTW items with you & would love for others to join in, too! I thought we would do it kind of like we did "Wedding Week" & each post a few of our favorites.


Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage said...

Stephanie, I love that window your sweet husband rescued for you! Old windows are one of my favorite things to decorate with. I have a big old window with a shelf on hte top in my entry and love it! Chad would LOVE the flag boat shelf!!! I will have to show that to him! It is so neat, and eveything on the shelf and walls are so cute! I just adore your home.

Gone with the wind is one of my all time favorite movies! But I dont own any memorablia :( I will be so excited to see yours!

Hugs and Smiles,

She'sSewPretty said...

I would love to spend time in your game room. I love all of that red, white and blue decor!

Michele said...

Stephanie, Love all of your red white and blue. Happy 4th to you. I hope your safe from all the flooding, do let us know.
Thanks for stopping by my blog, I always appreciate your comments.

Take care, Michele


OHMIGAWSH Steph its like a movie set, but homely and warm, you know what i mean. Its just amazing!!

hugs and kisses,
Shann :)

Lori said...

Stephanie, The rwand b room was grand! Now to shock you....I have nothing Gone with the Wind!, nothing! However I will enjoy watching! Love ya, Lori

Beth Leintz said...

I love your year round red white & blue. I have a little patriot display set up on one table and wall of my living room.

I'm anxious to see your GWTW collection. I don't have any myself, but of course, GWTW is one of my all time favorite movies and books