Wednesday, July 25, 2007

My Sheffield Classic #501 China Pattern
Several of you have been so sweet to write & ask me for a closeup of my china pattern, so here it is. I've got a service for twelve, but am still looking for a few of the extra pieces & especially want to find 8 more of the little demitasse cups & saucers. It has a very soft muted ROSES pattern in pink & white with pale sage & grey shades on the leaves, & the pieces are rimmed in platinum. Hope we get lucky & find some!!

Below is a picture of my newest "old" addition to our master bath. A vintage crystal chandelier from Europe. I finally talked hubby into wiring it & hanging it over the tub in our bathroom. I need to replace the large crystal ball that is supposed to hang at the very bottom tip, & add 2 more small pointed prisms. Now this is calling for a re-do of the bathroom! Inching closer & closer to my "ideal" room!

This beauty hangs in my SIL's home. Isn't it spectacular?



Miss Rhea said...

I love your chandelier ! It really is jewelry for the room !! And your china is so delicate !

Ele at A Bit of Pink Heaven said...

I want it all.......just gorgeous!

vickie said...

Steph, LOVE the new/old chandelier for your bath! It is stunning, but, coming from a lighting expert such as you, I had no doubt it would be fantastic!
Oh, your SIL's chandelier is a spectacular statement.

My Pink Boutique said...

Beautiful chandeliers! They're just gorgeous!


Sharon said...

You can never have too much glitter Steph. Love them both.


ok so now i have to fly over and robb your SIL's house as well????? Man am i gonna be busy!

hee hee
Luv ya!

Heather ~ Pretty Petals said...

I love the china pattern..I will keep my eye out for you.

Gorgeous gorgeous chandeliers!!!



Steph, both the chandys are 2die4. Just beautiful. Thanks so much for your lovely compliments on my lamps. I just won two gorgeous chandys on ebay, hopefully they wil be put up, along with the one I have had in a box for years. Fingers crossed.
Coll :-}

ShabbyInTheCity said...

I want a chandelier! Okay I want like 6 chandeliers...
I'll keep an eye out for your the pieces you are looking for. said...

Thanks for the close up, I thought I had some, but mine is different, sorry I can't help.

Glad you liked your cards! thanks again for the Etsy purchase, I appreciate it.

Spectacular is the word for both chandies!

Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage said...

Steph, everything you have is gorgeous! I love your taste it is just like mine :) The china pattern is so pretty! I love tea cups and tea pots. I could have 100 if someone let me, lol!

Love that chandelier! Absolutely grand! So stunning! I just posted some pictures of my new little chandelier on my blog today!!

Love ya,

Michele said...

I absolutely love love love your chandelier. How fun to have it hanging in your bath.

Cherub*Kisses said...

Hi Stephanie,
Sounds like you & Mom had a great day!! Be sure & visit me soon and you will see I have nominated you for a Nice Matters award, copy & paste pic and nominate a few others. Being Nice makes everything well... Nice.