Sunday, December 16, 2007

My 39th Birthday~That's My Story & I'm Sticking to It!

My 39th Birthday~That's My Story & I'm Sticking to It!

Saturday found me with one of my dear friends & my daughter & granddaughter at our favorite tearoom having lunch & sharing laughs, good food, hot tea, & scrumptious petite fours together!

Kathy (the blonde) & I (the brunette) share the same birthday along with her late father. We've been friends for years & she is a true blue friend. We grew up together at church. Her sweet brother was a year older than me, & Kathy a few years ahead of me in school. My parents loved it when she got her driver's license, as there was never a problem with me going anywhere with a group as long as KATHY was with us & was the one driving! She was a very stable & good influence for all us younger rowdy kids & my absolute favorite!


Several years later, when Kathy got married to Bill, I was there in her wedding cheering her on. She married one of the sweetest, kindest, most thoughtful men ever. They started married life in El Paso, TX. Many years later, she & Bill moved back to our hometown & he eventually baptized our daughter. Bree had wanted to ask her grandfather (my daddy) to baptize her, but as he was sometimes emotional (like me ~ I can cry at a sweet "telephone" commercial!) she decided to ask Bill to baptize her instead, since she thought "GeeDaddy" would cry. Well, GeeDaddy didn't cry, but BILL DID!!!!

Kathy was the one Mother & I asked to sing at Daddy's funeral. She has a heavenly alto voice. Most recently, Bill helped officiate at Bree & Anthony's wedding. He said a very special prayer for their new family unit which includes her daughter & his son.

We laughed a lot, had delicious croissant sandwiches & fresh fruit, hot spiced cinnamon tea, & petit fours that are to die for!! Birthday girls each got 3!!! YUMMY!!

After lunch, & browsing the tearoom gift shop, we went to my mother's & shared a beautiful birthday cake with her. I'm sure I must have gained 5 lbs. in one day!!

Got in late Saturday night, as we stayed & had supper with Mother, but did get one more important thing done before bedtime........
Took care of my BIRTHDAY GIVEAWAY!!!!!

Asked DH to help me by picking the winner while I snapped the picture.....

And the winner is.......

LORI !!!!! Of Pink Faded Roses!!!!!

Now Lori, if you want a surprise.....STOP right now. DO NOT scroll down any further. If you want to see what you are getting, though, be my guest.......

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

~ ~ ~ ~

~ ~ ~

~ ~


Here are the goodies Lori is getting from me......a blue Victorian SPODE Christmas plate, Christmas potpourri, a lavender sachet, one of my handmade angel pin/pendants, a German Santa die-cut Tussie Mussie, & a sterling Santa charm in a velvet pouch!

These will ship out first thing Monday so that hopefully you will get them before Christmas!!

Now as for my being 39...........DH put 7 candles on my cake Saturday night. I promptly (and indignantly) said that I was NOT 70!! Then he turned the cake & what I saw was a ~5~ & a guess that blows the lid off the "39 again" story!!

Big Hugs & thanks for all the sweet bday wishes & comments,



Alison Gibbs said...

Stephanie, Happy Birthday. Maybe stick with the 39! How wonderful to be 39 again. Looks like you girls had some fun together.

Natasha Burns said...

Happy birthday Stephanie! Well of COURSE you are 39, you don't look a day older!

BumbleVee said...

congrats to Lori ...and wow... great give away!

Well, you could easily pass for 39!

I am getting like my Mom.. when kids begin to hit the have to move your own to 49...and then 59 etc. I have not kids...but the nephews don'tcha know?

Sandy said...

Steph, You don't look a day over
30.. Happy birthday.

The Rose Room said...

Happy Birthday Stephanie, I am also still in my 30's!!!! And don't we look good for it! Nice cake, congratulations lucky Lori:) Merry Christmas, Rachael:)

celestina marie said...

Steph, your "39" again, birthday looks like it was so special with your family and dear friend. Loved the beautiful pic of you all together! The lunch sounds heavenly! You deserved this special birthday! Steph, you are gorgeous! inside and out!! You know us 39 year olds need to stick together! LOL!!
love ya, Celestina

Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage said...

Oh Steph, it looks like you had the most beautiful birthday! All you girls looks so beautiful and happy!! I love it :) Those petit fours look amazing! I love those!

Congratulations to sweet Lori! She deserves to win with all the giving she does! Those are beautiful gifts!

And you look so YOUNG!!!

Love ya,

vickie said...

What a wonderful Birth Day !!!
39 and holding! So glad you were with your friend, and family, I know it was special for you. The Tea looks wonderful, and such a pretty birthday cake.

Bertie said...

Steph, I'm sorry to have missed your birthday give-away...but, I did remember your birthday! It looks like you had a grand time with the folks that you love! Bless you, my friend, and may your year be filled with the all kindness that you show to others.


PurpleFlowerFairy said...

happy birthday to you! happy birthday to you! happy birthday dear stephanie, happy birthday to you!!! debbie =)

She'sSewPretty said...

Oh Steph! I meant to come over here Saturday and wish you a Happy Birthday too! It sounds like you had a wonderful day! I'm 39 too...what a coincidence. ;o)

Adeline's Shabby Cottage said...

Happy Birthday Stephanie!! I got on the "and holding" band wagon this year!! I'll be turning 29 from now on!! You really don't look a day older!!
Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Hi Stephanie,
Happy Happy belated birthday. Sounds like you did fun things on your special day. I just stopped by to wish you a very Merry Christmas & a very Happy New Year. You look a gorgeous 39!!!!
Love & hugs,

Sue said...

Happy Birthday Stephanie!!Im 40, but like your idea of 39, I think I will stick to that from now on!Looks like you had a wonderful time.


Hi Steph, Happy whatever birthday it is. Looks lik you all had a great time. Have a Happy Holiday season & a very Merry Christmas. Hugs & Blessings, Coll :-}


Hiya Miss Steph.....just wanted to pop by and wish you a very MERRY CHRISTMAS.

Love you lots,
Shann xxoo

IsabellaCloset said...

Stephanie, I'm so sorry I missed your 39 (LOL) birthday..
So happy belated birthday.
I also would like to wish you and your family peave, love, and happiness for Christmas.
Hugs & love ~Mary~ :-}

My Pink Boutique said...

What a sweet day you had, Stephanie! Happy Belated Birthday!

Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

Steph, looks like you had a wonderful 39th birthday (wink, wink)! The food looks yummy and you gals looked like you had a lovely time.

Miss Rhea said...

What a sweet and loving tribute to your friend Kathy. :) I am so glad that you have had a lifelong friend, they are irreplaceable. Congratulations to Lori !! Happy Birthday Steph !! Hugs,

Tutti Chic said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! I'm sticking to 39 too!LOL!!! What a fun day you all had~:) chris

IsabellaCloset said...

Stephanie, Happy New Year! ~Mary~ said...

Happy Birthday!

Fairy Footprints said...

What a beautiful blog you have.

Happy Late Birthday.

Its lovely to meet you stop over and visit me sometime, I am having a giveaway.

Blessings to you,