Saturday, March 22, 2008

Easter is Almost Here!!!!

Easter is Almost Here!!!!Hi Chicks, as my favorite mother hen, Connie of Living Beautifully, calls all of us!!! It is almost EASTER & I should really be downstairs using this contraption called an oven, stuffing it with yummy things to bake for tomorrow's dinner. Instead I snapped a pic of it for my blog.......

I have a nice little collection of porcelain hinged boxes so I purchased this cute little cottage shelf & hung in it my entry way. I change it out with different themed boxes to go along with each season. My granddaughter recently gifted me with my newest pieces for this ~ the dangle legged bunny, the precious bunnies in a hatbox, & the large white bunny with a pink rose on it! All with her very own allowance money!! Boy, she is a girl after my heart!!!!

BTW, the sweet little girl sitting in the pressed back chair on the top shelf is my dear grandmother, taken back in about 1909. Isn't she precious? And the scared to death child sitting atop the HUGE stuffed growling bear is me, circa 1956, at the State Fair of Texas. Now why on earth did my parents make me sit on top of that ugly thing?!?! I know, I know, another wonderful photo op.......see, I come by it naturally!!!

I'm a member of a group called PRH & we recently had an Easter Swap & below are some pics of what I received from my sweet PRH sister, Shirl of Shirl's Rose Cottage. She spoiled me with Linder Truffles (white chocolate ~ yummmm), a precious bunny tote with beautiful roses, netting & other florals, a gorgeous cross-stitch Easter pillow, a silk ribbon embroidery sachet, a lovely handmade card & tag (her very first!! I'm so honored to have received it!), & gifts for my two "girls", our pets.

Close up of the beautiful tote & her awesome handmade "chick" tag..... Easter Pillow & heavenly lavender scented sachet with SRE.........
Closeup of the intricate details........ Shirl just recently retired from her banking job & is getting ready to offer some awesome items for sale, so check out her blog soon & I'm sure she can help spoil you, too!!!

This is what I sent to Shirl. A Happy Easter card, glittered of course, that said "From one hip chick to another!". A topiary bunny, a framed cross-stitched bunny in a Spring wreath, & a fou-foued pink egg ornament. Oh, mustn't forget the decorated cookie, a little yellow chick popping out of an Easter Egg!

The pink feathers were used in my daughter's wedding decor a few months ago, & the silk roses & ribbon trim & pearls were given to my by my other sweet PRH sis, Rhea of Sweet 'n Shabby Roses. They really helped fou-fou up the bling-y egg in style!!

My girls heard that Shirl even remembered them, so here is Miss Rosie looking for her loot!!
Sissy is a bit more mannerly. She only stands on her hind legs, begging. She would never put a paw on the table!!!
Now Rosie, on the other hand, would crawl right up there if her short little legs would just cooperate. Funny, but when you are blonde & beautiful, you can get away with soooo much more!!

Sissy wearing her cute bandana that Shirl made especially for her.
Rosie feeling oh so pretty in her brand new pink roses hair bow that Shirl made. It even glitters, too!! AND she made one for my "adopted" love, Precious, my mother's little Shih Tzu!! How sweet is that?!?!?!

Shirl, thank you so very very much for spoiling me rotten with such lovely goodies. I love you, dear friend! Have a wonderful Easter with your sweet family!

Now I really really must get down to the kitchen & see how to work that oven!!



Alison Gibbs said...

Happy Easter Stephanie
Thanks fofr sharing some of your Easter pretties with us.

Beth Leintz said...

So many pretties in your post, but that cute little scarf that Sissy is wearing made me run to my fabric drawer to make on for my dog, too.

shirl said...

Steph, that is the most beautiful post. I love all the goodies we made for each other. LOL!! Your house is lovely! I'm so happy to see that Sissy and Rosie love thier gifts too!!!
Love Ya,

celestina marie said...

Hi Stephanie, Your Easter swap from Shirl is just a treasure of gorgeous pretties. She sure did spoil you and so deserving you are. I loved seeing your little pooches all ready for Easter. Your displays are gorgeous! Just wanted to stop by and wish you a very Happy Easter.
Love ya, Celestina
La Rea Rose

debbie said...

that lavender sachet is SO pretty and i adore Rosie's pink bow - TOO DARN CUTE! happy easter =) debbie

Miss Rhea said...

They are just so sweet !!! I want to kiss those puppy faces !! lol Everything is so beautiful, you really spoiled each other. :) Happy Easter !!

~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

Happy Easter to You!! Thank you for sharing the pretty photos of your Easter decor, and your cute pups of course! :)

Lori said...

Happy Easter my best buddie!!! Hope your not to tired from cooking to enjoy the feast! I am!!! Love,Lori

vickie said...

Well, Steph, I feel like I've just browzed through a beautiful shop. Everything is displayed so nicely.
I love it all, just beautiful!
Loved talking with you yesterday!