Friday, March 7, 2008

Baby, It's Cold Outside!

Baby, It's Cold Outside! View from our front door Thursday afternoon
HUGE snowflakes, bigger than cotton balls! You could HEAR them dropping!! And as my sweet friend Celeste says, "Everything is bigger & better in TX!"!! Even our snowflakes!

Sissy, my little Jack Russell Terrier, has a hard time in the snow. She walked into a drift that was up to her sweet little plump belly! Boy, that had to be uncomfortable!
I have to chase Rosie, my little Shih Tzu, around to get her sweater on her. Then I have to chase her around to get it off!!
Please excuse her bad hair day. Her "Daddy" was trying to learn to put it up, so I just left it as was!
Found some neat little items recently at one of my favorite little shops. I've never seen a little candolier this small before. I'm sure it will be "pink" before next Christmas!
Couldn't resist this pretty china salad plate. I just fell in love with the rose swags & crazing!

Wanted to share my new favorite spring birdhouse. It has little garden topiaries painted on all sides. Beside it is one of Laurie's little birdies from Charming Designs.



debbie said...

i love it when it snows big fat snowflakes =) the kind as a kid that were easy to catch on your tongue. we have a large window in our living room that takes up most of one wall and i love to sit and watch the snow fall... it's beautiful! debbie

Dolly said...

YAY Steph, I am glad you are getting all the snow and not us!!!!
We have had enough!

Enjoy it!

Warm hugz, Dolly


Hiya Steph,

Boy i hope you havent frozen in all that snow! BBBRRRRR makes my toes curl up thinking about it. But it looks so must be tired of it but hey. lets swap because i am tired of being hot. I dont do hot well at all! LOL.
Look at your lil fur babies, they are so sweet. Give them a smooch for me.
Love the bowl and candle holder (oooh yes pink sounds noice), no wonder you had to have them!

Stay warm chickie.

Luv Ya
Shann xo

Lori said...

Hi my TX sweetie pie!! Well I survived it ALL! Will post the huge cake on Monday, five people asked me to d cakes and I only said maybe to two! The photographer and video guy couldn't stop looking at it and taking pictures!!! John is fine but must slow down! And whats up?? You've more snow then my Northern Indiana butt!!! Much love to you, miss you so, Love,Lori

She'sSewPretty said...

I can't belie it is snowing that much in Texas! Wow! Your dogs are just too darn cute!


erk, that looks cold Steph. I'll bet you have all had enough! Poor lil Sissy, getting a cold belly button. Hope it stops for you all soon.
Hugs, Coll :-}

The Rose Room said...

Wow, that snow is amazing. Love the puppies, even with bad hair days!!!!:) Rachael

Charmingdesigns said...

ohhhh brrrr. I am SO glad our daffodils are blooming...your day will come!! Thank you for showing my little bird next to your ADORABLE birdhouse!! Thanks for your comment about my wagon. it is just the littlest thing,I paid WAAAAY to much for it, but I have never regretted Laurie

Bertie said...

I tried to post here before, but it went into cyberspace somewhere.

Love your new treasures!! The birdhouse is especially sweet. And yes, those candles will be pink next year, I'm sure. That china is beautiful also. Great finds, Steph, and perfect for your lovely home. Thanks for sharing.

Aunt May's Cottage

ShabbyInTheCity said...

Last week I dreamed it was snowing pink snow!
Well it looks like spring here in Ky. now and it is very welcome.

lollysnestegg said...

Love your stuff and your sweet pups are adorable!! Looks like they both have personality plus!!