Monday, March 3, 2008

Not Spring Yet & Favorite Things

Not Spring Yet & Favorite Things
Well, in our neck of the woods, more rain & **SNOW Showers** are expected within the next 24 hrs!!! SNOW??? I was just wearing a t-shirt today & was warm! And just what ARE snow SHOWERS? I've not heard that term before. Should be 28 degrees here Tuesday. We will have more than snow if it gets that cold! So I thought Bunny with Umbrella highly appropriate for this post!

Celeste of La Rea Rose, get Ms. Beazy ready for storms to roll through in the next couple of hours! We are under a tornado warning as I type.

I found the cutest & easiest craft to make with my granddaughter. See pic above. You take a tin vegetable can, paint it white, glue on cotton balls, add wiggle eyes, & black felt ears & feet, black pom pom nose, ribbon bow, & voila! You have an adorable pencil/brush holder! Fun for even very young kids!

One of my very favorite vintage floor lamp chandeliers ~ I actually made this one ~ this post is for you Vicki from All Bliss Be Thine!
This is my very favorite rocker with a pressed back. I shabbied it up & loaded it with some of my fav pillows. The lamp is for Bertie of Aunt May's Cottage (Ms. Victoriana herself!), the silk ribbon embroidery pillows are posted for Katie of Rose Breeze Boutique & Shirl. And nope, I didn't make them, but the above two ladies know how to do this very intricate & beautiful work!!

Have to end this post for sweet Lori of Pink Faded Roses ~ a frilly cherub lamp that I "re-designed" & some of my little perfume bottles & a pin money bank!

Hugs til next time!


Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage said...

That craft is so cute Steph! I bet the boys would love to do that! Your pictures are gorgeous!


~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

Gorgeous chandelier!
Nice to hear from you!! :)

vickie said...

I love these gorgeous lamps, Steph.
The rocking chair and pillows look so inviting.
many hugs,


oooh Steph i cant believe you made that floor lamp! Well i can believe it are so clever.
Its delightful..ha ha get it, DE'LIGHT'FUL

Big Hugs,
Shann xo

Lori said...

Awe Stephie, so precious and funny! KNow why? On Sunday I seen the exact pin money in St. Joseph MI for $18.00! Oh my , that was too cheap! Well upon closer inspection with my trained floral eye!LOL The purse had bunches of broken flowers!!! O.K. how weird is it that you'd post the same one?? Well the way you and I think, guess not to strange! I've missed you so! Remember one of these days I'll get the mini dish to you, the one with the dome cover! Lots of love, Lori

celestina marie said...

Hi Steph, your grandaughter/grandmother craft is so darling. What fun for you girls making those cuties. I love all your vignettes and treasures. WOW! the lamps, rocking chair, chandelier and pillows look like pictures from a magazine. Thank you for sharing these inspirations. The snow melted fast for us! I am ready for spring!
La Rea Rose

celestina marie said...

Hi Steph, me again. You have been tagged. Hope you can play along and have some fun!

Mary Isabella said...

Nice things you have shared. Wishing you a beautiful day...Mary

Hummingbird Chats said...

Beautiful pictures. The rocking chair with the pillows makes me want to make a spot just like for myself. Just Beautiful. Katie

Katie said...

Oooh look, there's another Katie! Hi Katie! Steph thanks for the sweet compliments on my work - Shirl is so talented at the sre! Katie

Bertie said...

Oh Stephie!! Thanks so much for posting that beautiful lamp. I am drooling over it AND those pillows. Everything in your home is bodaciously lovely!!

Aunt May's Cottage