Friday, June 27, 2008

Flea Market Friday

Friday Flea Market

My pals wanted me to remind you that today is Friday Flea Market!! Click here to go to my selling blog, Angelic Accents a la Carte! New items are listed each Friday. Tons more available unless marked SOLD. Also please check out the other bloggers that are participating this week here!



Lori said...

Stephanie, Oh I'm so sad, mad and generally, pardon my language pissed that I missed out on wedding day! I really am crying on what would have been such a joy for me to share! Guess it's my fault cause of how bad I feel but I didn't know either. I'm so angry that I am missing out on life, guess you understand why I can really not wait any longer to have this darn operation and hope like heck for the best! Your cute taggie came!!! Please write soon now I really feel out of touch, boo hoooooooooo, Lori

Bertie said...

I didn't forget, just was gone!! We can shop anytime, not just Fridays....right? I'm heading over there now to see what's new. Miss talking to you, sweetie!

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