Friday, August 24, 2007

& Birthday Fun

Sounds like a new tv show, doesn't it?!?

I just have to do a little bragging about my granddaughter on her birthday & my two favorite MARYS, tho.

Yesterday was our granddaughter's 11th birthday, & we spent the day with her, helping her celebrate. Took her out to lunch, then back home to open gifts & have yummy birthday cake. She is growing into such a lovely young lady & we love her dearly & cherish all the time we have with her. We are so lucky to have her, our daughter, & my mother living in such close proximity to us.

Then upon returning home, I had a wonderful surprise! My sweet friend Mary from Isabella's Closet hosted a giveaway in honor of her 100th post & I was the lucky winner! She made me my fantastic new logo/banner!! Isn't it adorable? I just LOVE IT!! I have watched Mary's auctions on eBay & enjoyed her "Me" page there for well over a year. Imagine my surprise when I found out she had a blog! Girls, go to her auctions & her "Me" page & blog site to see some fantastic pictures of her home. You will fall in love with her unique style of decorating! Everything is simply exquisite! And she offers the best vintage items for sale, too. AND she is quite a designer of logos, too. It is great eye candy to just look at her auction templates to see all the pretty designs she uses. I'm thrilled with my new logo!! She is a true sweetheart & simply the kindest person you could ever hope to meet! Hugs & Kisses to you, Mary!!

My other sweet new friend Mary from Oh Merci had a package waiting for me on the porch when I got home yesterday. I had fallen in love with her little miniature chandeliers on her blog & asked her to make one for me & boy, did she deliver! If you know me or have read my blog at all, you well know that I have something of an addiction to pretty vintage lighting, so what could be more fitting than a mini-remembrance of said addiction?!?

I was not expecting the wonderful surprise awaiting me, tho, as she had handmade a wonderful surprise for me ~ the chandy came in its own little handmade treasure box!! An adorable little rose papered cylinder box with dainty doily lid & base, & sweet yellow dotted fabric bow tie! And so prettily packaged, too, along with the sweetest note. I must admit that I tore into it the minute I saw Mary's return address on the package, so I tried to re-create the presentation for pics later! Her packing job was much prettier, but in my excitement I ripped the tissue just a tad!! Actually, I'm sure the tissue was flying as I unwrapped!! Run over to her blog or Etsy store if you, too, can't live without one of these beauties or some of her other goodies!

My precious friend & PRH sister, Connie of Living Beautifully, sent me the most gorgeous sheet of her practice roses & leaves, too.I will get an appropriate frame & it will hang proudly in my home. I love it! Connie is kinda a "Jack" of all trades (she will like that I called her that ~ it's one of her favorite names ~ the name of her other half, her dear hubby Jack)! She has a wonderful website, Rose Porch Designs, full of beautiful pillows, sachets, totes, sugared ornaments, all sorts of goodies & pretty pictures. Check it out as she is always adding something new. She sews beautifully, decorates, creates wonderful logos & templates, sells on eBay, and has recently started painting divine roses! She shared some pics with us in one of the groups I'm in & I told her I wanted one of her practice sheets!! She zipped it right off to me, & now I will be able to say I knew her when she first started. This gal is going places. She is top-notch in all she strives for. Thanks, "Ethel" ~ Love, "Lucy"

These above mentioned things make me absolutely giddy, oh, what a wonderful day!

Did I mention that I do indeed have a blessed life!?!




IsabellaCloset said...

Stephanie, Your granddaughter is just adorable! What a beautiful smile she has. Happy 11th Birthday to her..
I think your blog looks lovely! I'm so glad you are pleased with you new logo/banner. Thanks so much for all your very kind words. How sweet you are!!
The mini Chandelier from your friend Mary is just precious! And I'm crazy about the treasure box too.. How very talented she is. Connie's practice rose paper sheet is delightful, it will be beautiful framed. You sure have been blessed with wonderful friends.
Take care ~Mary~ :-}

Heather ~ Pretty Petals said...

Hi Stephanie!! Oh I LOVE your new banner!!! It is so stunning and so you!! I love the gift from oh merci... I have admired her gorgeous work as well. It looks so pretty hanging in your home.

So cute about Connie and her roses. She is doing so good!

xo Heather

rosechicfriends said...

Miss are such a sweetie. I am so glad that you, your daughter and grandaughter had such a lovely day. How special it is to have you family close by...I truly miss that.

And I have never heard of a mini chandy...Oh... how jealous I am..I will be checking out your friends sight, that is for sure! And I love your banner!! You are a treasure! ask me a ? on my blog about what was behind my mini-teapot..well those were from my Secret pal...they are little candy bars wrapped with vintage ladies paper...just adorable aren't they?

Hugs...and love...Lorena

Merci-Notes said...

Dearest Stephanie,
You are so sweet to mention me....alot!!!!
I know what you mean..I bought some ribbons from hundred wishes And the paper was flying!!! I do not get to buy often so I was so thrilled to get her exquiste package!!!
I stopped to see your mary!!! Love her posts!
Your Granddaughter is beautiful!!! Happy 11th Birthday year to her!!!!
I have to check out Connies place!!!
Thank You again!! and I AM so Happy that you liked everything! (I had to add the box to thank you and others for PAtientLY waiting for me to catch-up!!! SO TAHNK YOU!! :)

Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage said...

Oh Steph! Your granddaughter is just beautiful! What a smile!!! You are lucky to have a sweet granddaughter to be close to like that, daughter too!!!
Oh my goodness, your new goodies are wonderful! I love your new header! And that chandelier is so cute! I have to go check that out! And our dear talented Connie!! Isnt she just hte best! We are so lucky to know her and be a part of such a wonderful group! I just love everything :)

Love ya,

Lori said...

Stephanie, Your grand-daughter looks like such an all- american gorgous young lady! She should be a American Girl Doll! Then we could both sit her on a cute little vintage chair! Gosh I want a little girl around! Got your message, you must have a good sense of me cause it has been a bear of a week. best friends dad had surgury scheduled for Thursday cancer returned, went in and found it in-operable. So sad. Diane and her Daddy are so close. I hate to see her suffer, Diane's 16 year old son was killed 6 years ago by a drunk driver 5 minutes from home. My dear Di has had so much saddness and the thought of her losing her dad to that darn aweful cancer. I pray he will not suffer. Will email you most likely Monday A.M. Love, Lori

Anonymous said...

Hi Stephanie,
Thanks for stopping by my blog and the nice compliments on my post. As you can tell from the pics this is what I love to do. I will mail your package Monday as I didn't make it to the post office yesterday. It will be worth the wait as I have added a sweet surprise along with the other!!!
Take care.
Vicki said...

Happy Birthday to your cute little grandaughter!

Now, I have to go look at those mini chandies at Oh Merci!!!!!

Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

What a sweet grandaughter and your new banner is WONDERFUL. I love it! That little chandelier is the cuttest I've ever seen. What a great piece.

Donna Layton said...

Hi Stephanie!
What a nice catch up I just had. Such a lovely blog. Your granddaughter is darling. How fast they grow. The little chandelier is darling. I need to go check out her work. Love your beautiful home!


Steph, I knew straight away your Banner was new. Love it! And your dear granddaughter is just gorgeous, cherish all the times with her.
How gorgeous is that sweet little chandy, I'm sure we're all jealous. What a clever girl.
Hugs, Coll :-}

Sharon said...

Hi Steph, Love the new look, it's really you. Everything is so pretty. Isn't it wonderful to have your family close and to celebrate the important events?

Bertie said...

You are so right, are blessed! You are also a blessing to all that know you.

Aunt May's Cottage

Heather ~ Pretty Petals said...

Stephanie, came back to see what you are up to and realized that I forgot to post about your beautiful granddaughter in my comment the other day!! She is such a beautiful girl and what a proud grandmomma you are I am sure!

xo Heather


Hey congrats on winning the banner Steph! it is soooo you.
Your Grandaughter is so gorgeous and has the best and happiest smile! I bet you guys had a great day for her birthday.

As for the Chandy from Mary...well you know i want it, i need it..... LOL

It would fit nicely in my handbag (see, no trench coat required for this one).

Ha Ha
Luv Ya Heaps,
Shann xo

ShabbyInTheCity said...

Yes, your granddaughter is sweet! I love your kitchen in the background :)
You are the lucky owner of one of Mary's chandeliers...I need to be!

Cathy said...

Stephanie, you are so lucky. What wonderful pretties you have. Love your blog.

Miss Rhea said...

I love your new Banner, that is so pretty !!! Your granddaughter is a doll, where can I get one of those ? lol And that chandelier is too sweet !!

Natasha Burns said...

Happy birthday Mary!
Oh I love the mini chandelier you got from the other Mary and the new blog banner is fabulous!!!

kasse said...

Hi Stephanie, Happy Birthday to your sweet grandaughter. I'm so glad I came over for a visit. I went to your friends "About Me" page, and I can see why you love it- so touching and realand wonderful decorating ideas. Thank you this evening for the bits of inspiration. Thank goodness for wonderful grandmothers, such a blessing in so many ways. Your grandaughter will have rich memories and a wonderful role model. Good Night- Kasse

Reflections from the Stone Nest said...

Stephanie, your granddaughter is absolutely so sweet! Happy birthday to her! Love your 2 Mary's. That little chandelier is just too cute! Looks divine in your home. The packaging is exquisite! Connie's doing very nicely with the rose painting. In my next life I want to be a rose painter! LOL! Have a wonderful day.


She'sSewPretty said...

So much prettiness in one post. First your granddaughter and then the chandelier (love it) and that paper. Lucky you!

~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

Your granddaughter is just beautiful!
Wow, you received some pretties! Oh, I want that mini-chandy! Lovely!!

Lallee said...

You have a beautiful granddaughter. Four genereations~that really is special.

I loved your new treasures and I will check out all the new 'stores' you have introduced me to. The chandy is just too adorable.

Connie said...

Aaaaah, Steph, Bree's a beauty - just like her grandmother. Catching up with blogs this morning and cannot believe you posted those practice roses on here. LOL Thank you for loving them and me so much!