Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Reflections of Things I Love

Our bedroom is my favorite place to be in all of our house. It is full of things that I love & that have special meaning to me or that just make me smile. From the European floorlamp with barkcloth shade that DH surprised me with, to the tri-fold vanity mirror that I sweet-talked him into letting me keep (I sell antique mirrors on eBay here), to the long table that he & I fought about because he just couldn't see my vision while it was still black with years of grime & peeling veneer. I love the antique convex frame that my in-laws gifted me with that I added some of my favorite ROSES fabric behind, & my triple sewing machine drawers that hide all kinds of goodies that DH doesn't know about, like hankies, vintage postcards, & other stuff he would think is "silly". I especially love & smile at my sweet mannequin dressed in my now vintage wedding gown. And I can't forget my vintage 5 light tabletop chandelier that was one of my first purchases on eBay! And the glass globe that my sweet daughter made for me filled with wonderful potpourri & twinkle lights & topped with a vintage doilie made by my grandmother & tied with pink ribbon & a cherub paper-bag heart tag.
Another corner has the teensiest of demilune tables (I just love these small 1/2 tables because you can ALWAYS find a place for ONE MORE!) with a pink floral hurricane lamp, one of my favorite hand vases, & a Southern Belle plate by Garneau named "Scarlett" on a beautiful gold easel that my mother gave me. Funny but I can't remember where the little lace hanky came from.
Love this Art Deco mirror, too. It just screams "Hollywood Glam" to me. I pictured it with some of my pink roses.
I have a few vegetable casseroles that I like to decorate with. They are all vintage, many with small chips or crazing, so I don't serve food in them, but they make great display pieces & are wonderful for storage, too. This one is full of extra prisms that I use when making lighting. I love using mirrors as plateaus for tablescape scenes. Candles & cut glass really gleam when placed on top of them. This one is an oval diamond beveled antique mirror from England.
This mirror is one my granddaughter calls the Snow White Mirror. You know, "Mirror Mirror on the Wall, Who's the Fairest of them All?" I love tri-fold vanity mirrors & this one has ROSES on it, but luckily I already have one in my bedroom, so DH is sooo very glad I'm actually selling this one. It is listed here on eBay this week!

I've not posted very many pictures lately, & pictures are to me what make a blog ~ I just love eye candy, don't you? So I tried to post some of what I love the most.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful start to their week!


Anonymous said...

Hi Stephanie,
WOW, you have such a lovely bedroom...no wonder it's your favourite place to be!!
Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!!
Kathy :)

Beth Leintz said...

You have the BEST mirrors! I love the deco mirror and the tri fold in your bedroom. Pretty pretty!

Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage said...

Oh Steph, what BEAUTIFUL eye candy! I must say, you have the most beautiful bedroom I have ever seen! You have such an eye for display! You could be an interior designer in a heart beat! And I would hire you in a heart beat! I just love your style!!!!! I wish I had the room to display my HUGE wedding gown the way you have! What a wonderful tribute to your marriage! I just love this post!


Heather ~ Pretty Petals said...

Stephanie... oh I LOVE your room!! You have such gorgeous mirrors...everytime you show more I just can't believe how many beauties you have!! LOVE that art deco mirror... very glam! your frame with the fabric is so cute too!

I love your big windows in your room! I wish my house had more windows... each bedroom only has one window.

Hugs, Heather

vickie said...

Stephanie, I love that tri-fold mirror. Your bedroom is gorgeous, as is everything in your house! Love the lighting, so romantic!

hugs, Vickie


Well Steph you've done it again. WOWEEE WOW. I am a bit of a mirror gal too (yes when im not collecting chairs that is)so i will be stealing the Snow White Mirror most definately....hmmm now to find a handbag big enough so i blend in and you dont notice me taking it.......oh and then theres the Jumbo Jet to bring it all home....Ahh what the heck i'll just move in, it'll be so much easier :)

LOL love it all you gorgeous thing!

Hugz n Hugz,
Shann xo

Sharon said...

Steph I just want to move into your house, it's so very beautiful. A better idea why don't you come help me make over mine?

Miss Rhea said...

Wow, Queen Of Bling !! Love your bedroom ! What a happy place to relax in, and love all of your special treasures on your white table. Love all the mirrors, and candlelight. Im with Sharon, I could move right in !

Natasha Burns said...

OH MY Stephanie your collections are amazing! I love it all!!!!

Lallee said...

Hello Stephanie, I found your blog via Amy at Four Sisters Cottage.

Your mirrors are wonderful and so well utilized. I love the tourine on the mirror where you can see it's pretty detail underneath as well. Very pretty vignettes!

Lori said...

Stephanie, hi sweetheart! Talk about no posting, I haven't since Friday and when I tried this morning my pictures wouldn't post. today is the second anni. of losing my wonderful Mom to cancer. I guess the real reason also I haven't posted is because I feel all the air is sucked out of me! I have really done minimal since Sat. morning and kinda don't care. My Mother was so great to me and when you care for them when there passing you are drawn to a level closer then you can even imagine! I was honestly comforted today to see my little girl Steph as I clicked on you and the gorgous pictures! And yep, have a potpourri light like yours too w/ doily! Oh Stephanie I swear if I had the funds I'd be on a plane out to visit you for a few days, I'm so sad!! All my love, you doll! Lori

Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage said...


Thank you so much for that wonderful, positive comment on my blog!!! That really made my day to know that you think that would work! It means everything to me :)

Love ya,

jessi nagy said...

o gosh!
your things are beautiful!
jessi nagy


Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

Oh my, I am ecstatic about your bedroom. I LOVE EVERYTHING! You just have the right touch at putting things together and how did you ever train that husband of yours to buy you a barkcloth lampshade?!!! I just love your goodies. You have wonderful taste. It's all so divine. Thanks for the fun pictures!

karlascottage.typepad.com said...

OOH, I love them too!

Mary said...

Stephanie your bedroom is lovely - you must have a very romantic hubby!!
Love your mirrors - especially the "Snow White" one - wish I had a place for it!

Charmingdesigns said...

Wow, now that IS eye candy!! You take beautiful photos!! Thanks for sharing! Laurie

ShabbyInTheCity said...

Can you hear my squeals of delight??! That first photo blew me away!

Sandy said...

Oh, such wonderful pictures. I just love it all.

vickie said...

Steph, I also LOVE the pink lamp with the plate and hands!



Wow Steph, just toooo gorgeous! That table is divine. Luckily us gals can see through the old paint and grime eh. Most DH's (Lord love 'em) have no imagination.
Hugs, Coll :-}

rosechicfriends said...

Oh Miss Steph...a room with vinettes that I have not seen. It is just lovely. Your attention to detail..well reminds me of well ME!!! LOL

I just love what you have done. Be sure to check out what I have been doing on my blog!!
Love ya...Lorena

Nonie Mae said...

beautiful bedroom..

Alicia ~ Time Worn Style said...

Stephanie, I am totally in love with the winged mirror you have. Shopping must be fabulous over there, I am green with envy lol!!
I am obsessed with vintage mirrors too, I'm filling up my stair well with them currently.

Reflections from the Stone Nest said...

Hi Stephanie,

Your house is just so lovely. I adore your mannequin and love the deco mirror! Your bedroom looks so calming and peaceful. Wonderful. Thx...


She'sSewPretty said...

Stephanie, Your home is gorgeous! I love the Snow White mirror. I wish I had a place for it in my home.

Anonymous said...

Hi Stephanie,
I have enjoyed visiting your blog and you have a very pretty bedroom. I look forward to visiting again. Please check out my website www.allblissbethine.com

HippieDog said...

Wow Stephanie! Your bedroom is amazing....so beautiful!! I'm afraid I'd never start my day if I had a bedroom like that one! LOL
I will visit often......xo