Friday, April 25, 2008

Book Challenge ~ Page 123

~ ~ Book Challenge on Page 123 ~ ~

Last week my sweet PRH Sister Shirl (don't you sound like a nun, Shirl?!?!) over at Shirl's Rose Cottage tagged me for a book challenge. The idea is to find a book you enjoy or are currently reading with at least 123 pages. Turn to page 123 and read the first 5 sentences, then post the next 3 sentences on your blog, and go on to tag 5 more people to take the challenge. I think lots of people have already been tagged, so I won't do that part, but it is fun to play along & see what is on that page of a particular book.

Well, I spent most of last week busily doing other things, & didn't think about the book challenge again til last night as I was going thru a book of poetry called SOMEBODY LOVES YOU by Helen Steiner Rice. I was searching for an appropriate poem to add to a card for a 50th Wedding Anniversary party that I am attending tomorrow, & came across the following poem on page 123. I just love it. Although I'm not quite to the autumn years of my life yet, this poem is so sweet & comforting, & it really lets us know that it is okay to slow down, take life easier, put the important things FIRST, & know that all will still be right with the world. Perfect advice for any age & stage of life that one may be in........

The Golden Years of Life

God in His loving & all-wise way
Makes the heart that once was young and gay
Serene & more gentle & less restless, too,
Content to remember the joys it once knew. . .
And all that we sought on "the pathway of pleasure"
Becomes but a memory to cherish & treasure -
The fast pace grows slower & the spirit serene,
And our souls can envision what our eyes have not seen. . .
And so while "Life's Springtime"is sweet to recall,
The "Autumn of Life" is the Best Time of all,
For our wild, youthful yearnings all gradually cease
And God fills our days with Beauty & Peace!

- - - Helen Steiner Rice

Isn't love grand?!?! Please take time to enjoy each moment life has to offer.

Big Hugs,


shirl said...

Hi Steph, what a beautiful poem! Thank you for joining in on the book challenge, it was fun!
Love You

Lori said...

Oh Stephanie, didn't you notice me MIA'ing??? I even missed your anniversary, boo=hoo so whatcha give away??? Great cake by the way by your daughter!! Love it!! Will catch up this week!! Love,Lori

vickie said...

Beautiful, Steph

Mary Isabella said...

Stephanie, I love this poem. Wishing you the most beautiful Monday ever.

celestina marie said...

HI Steph, I am so glad Shirl tagged you for the book challange. I tagged her. LOL Your book is wonderful and so fitting since you had the anniversary party to attent. The poem is very special. Your pictures are so perfect. Hope you had a grand time with the lucky couple.
La Rea Rose