Thursday, May 1, 2008

Barbie Love for Scrappy Jessi!

Barbie Love for Scrappy Jessi!
Any true doll lover KNOWS who these perfectly manicured nails.......

curvy legs, arched achy feet from wearing too high stillettos......

and tiny symetrically perfect toes belong to.........yep, it's BARBIE, my very favorite doll!

And Jessi, LOOK what I was fortunate enough to be able to buy just this past weekend at one of my favorite little antique stores while my mother & I were out shopping!!!

~ A miniature porcelain "After Five ~ 1962" Barbie ~

I have the same Titan Ponytail Barbie as this & her complete outfit, too!

Barbie's boyfriend, Ken, was oh so handsome.

My Ken doll has the blonde flocked hair, & he was de-flocked by a little girl named Angela, whom I will NEVER forgive!! She was 10 yrs. old & should have known better than to lick his head! I hope she still has a hairy tongue!!!!

My Midge doll was Barbie's best friend....not nearly as glamorous, but with freckles like me!
Yes, I even have Barbie's little sister, Skipper, too!
Below are some of my Ken doll's outfits

~ Campus Hero ~
~ Formal Black Tuxedo ~

~ Driving Clothes & PJ's ~
I soooo loved my Barbie's Fashion Shop ~ wish I still had it......Oh, how much fun I had arranging clothes on little red hangers, & adding gloves, purses, shoes & jewelry to the display cabinet!!

It doesn't look like much by today's toy standards, but I also was thrilled to get my first Barbie Dream House! Regretably, don't have it any more.

I do still have the 6 little "45" records titled "Barbie Sings". AND I STILL know every word to every song!
My all time favorite game ~ poor Mother would never tire of playing this with me. She knew if I got icky Poindexter as my date for the prom that we were gonna have to keep playing til I got KEN!!!
I don't have this Ken outfit, but I do have this awesome little blue jumper with white blouse still!
I could go on & on about my love for my Barbies but I've got to make the rounds & see who else is playing today & what they are sharing!!! Go to Scrappy Jessi's blog here to get a complete list of participants!

Thanks, Scrappy Jessi, for having such a fun idea!!!!!!!

Big Hugs,


shirl said...

What a beautiful Barbie collection Steph! They bring back so many memories, I gave mine all away, now I wish I had not.
Love You

Scrappy Jessi said...

how fabulous!!
i did miss it, im glad you said something!!!
I love each and everyone of these pictures. so great.
thanks doll.

Barbara at Oodles and Oodles said...

Oh, the Barbie dating game! And Poindexter! I ALWAYS got Poindexter. I have lots of my old Barbie stuff - just love it, and loved seeing yours!

bluemuf said...

All I can say is wow!!!

Fantastic collection


Twyla and Lindsey said...

Oh I love your collection! I want your fashion shop so bad! That is one piece that has gotten away from me many times. I'm so jealous!

Jennifer said...

Steph,I just love everything!I love your Barbie's.I was a barbie fanatic too!I had everything you can imagine.My Mommom and Poppop would spoil me.Wish I had know about this I would have scanned some pics to show too!I had the big Hollie Hobby kitchen & dishes.I Besty Clark crib, playpen and high chair.A big doll with real baby clothes.Thanks for taking me back in time!

Hugs to you and your Mom!Love ya,Jen

Jacki said...

What a fun post. It's so cool that you have so much from your childhood. My dad threw out all of mine (mostly Madame Alexander dolls!!) in a move. I guess he figured I was grown, so we didn't need them any more!

Debbie said...

I'm late to the party because I "had to" go to a scrapbook retreat this weekend! Thanks for commenting on my bear. Your Barbie collection is great and brings back so many memories of playing with my own :)

Unknown said...

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